The Gravity Gun

By: CJ Replogle

Every Child's Dream Is To Be An Astronaut, But...

Now You Can With The Gravity Gun!

The Gravity Gun is a tool & toy that will turn you to an astronaut in seconds. The gun makes you less dense than air causing you to fly!

The Physics

The Gravity Gun shoots small packets of helium. When the packet of helium touches you, the packets sticky surface sticks to you. In fact, each packet can support up to 7.5 Pounds! Eventually you will start to fly! After about 2 minutes, the packets will lose their effect causing you to slowly float down to the ground. In case of an emergency, there is a small rotor on the top of the gun to propel yourself back down to the ground.

Two Colorways On Sale NOW For $64.99!!!


-This Gun Is Guaranteed to Make You Fly or We'll Give You A Refund (Restrictions Apply).

-Not Refundable if not returned in a year or no purchase conformation is available.

-Read Our Terms & Conditions For More

-Gravity Gun Inc. Is Not Responsible for Loss of Life or Injury

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