MHS Principal's Update

January 2, 2022

Welcome, 2022!

It's been another strange year in the world of education and parenting, so saying good-bye to 2021 and welcoming 2022 is a hopeful sign! I certainly hope you were able to enjoy the break from school and the holiday with friends and family. As we wrap up first semester in the next two weeks, there will be many alternate schedules and new classes to begin. If you have any questions about the high school calendar, final exams, scheduling, or the start of the new semester, please reach out to the main office or the counseling center for answers.

Staff will return to work on Monday, January 3rd for Professional Development, and students will return on Tuesday, January 4th to finish up their first semester classes. As winter illnesses and inclement weather begin in earnest, please look out for additional information on attendance and school closures, keeping in mind that our inclement weather days will be managed through remote learning this winter! Should an inclement weather day be called, students will follow the following process for their remote learning.


  • Students are expected to work on school work during regular school hours, from 8:10 - 3:00 p.m.
  • All work will be independent work, posted on Google Classroom for each individual class the student is taking. This work will be about 45 minutes of work per class, or approximately 5 hours of total work.
  • Student attendance will be based on their completion of an "attendance question" through their Period 2 teacher's Google Classroom.
  • Although learning and assigned work will be completed individually, teachers will be online from 9:00-9:30 a.m. and again from 1:30-2:00 p.m. for office hours via Google Meets. If students have questions about their assigned work, they can speak with them via Google Meets at these times, or email them throughout the remote work day.

If/when we have an inclement weather day, we will send this information out again, via email. We will also post the Office Hour Google Meet codes online for families to access.

FIRST SEMESTER FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE (disregard any prior publications)

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Final Exam Clarification

The full MHS final exam attendance incentive policy can be found on pages 17 & 18 of the 21-22 Student Handbook, posted on the MHS website under Student Life. Due to Covid-19 quarantining, one element of the traditional policy has been waived for this semester. All other policy components remain in place.


A student may elect to be exempt from taking a cumulative, written semester final exam* if he or she meets the following requirements AND has a cumulative course grade of A, B, or C:

  2. Student has no more than 5 tardies per semester in the class.
  3. Student has no more than one major referral from a classroom teacher.

Any student with a cumulative course grade of D or F will be required to take the final exam regardless of absence, tardy, or discipline status.

Students who are not REQUIRED to take an exam per the attendance incentive final exam policy may still CHOOSE to do so for any course(s) in which they are enrolled. Those opting, but not required, to take final exams cannot be penalized for the outcome of that optional assessment.

Only those students REQUIRED to take the final exam are required to be in attendance during the scheduled exam time. If students need a place to wait for another exam during finals days, they should report to the cafeteria. They will not be permitted to roam the building.

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Second Semester Classes

Following final exams for Semester 1, which end at noon on Friday, January 14th, students have that Monday off school in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. School resumes on Tuesday, January 18th, with the beginning of SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES.

Second semester schedules are currently being balanced for student numbers within sections and will be available for view by the close of first semester through Skyward Student Access. MHS will not be printing student schedules, but if a student requires a printed copy that you are unable to print at home, the student may do so in the Library Info Hub once schedules are available online.

Please remember that class changes for personal preference or a late decision are not permitted. If you have a scheduling error, please contact your counselor to rectify the problem.

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Second Semester Focus on Behavior Expectations

Beginning second semester, you'll start to hear more conversations surrounding our building-wide expectations, including Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, & Readiness. All staff will be identifying ways to exemplify these characteristics, and students will be instructed on how classroom policies, procedures, and rules are in place to encourage these expectations. Please look for more information in January and February regarding these expectations and how you can help support their development and practice at school and home.

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