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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We've completed Topics B and C this week. The kids have been busy learning how to decompose mixed numbers into tenths and hundredths and ordering decimals. Next week we'll move onto Topics D and E. Topic D covers addition with tenths and hundredths. The final section of Module 6, Topic E, reviews decimals as money. It looks like we'll assess Module 6 before Spring Break. Please keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way. There are only about 5 out of 22 students who choose to correct their work and improve their grades.


Picture Book Friday ~Jack read a favorite book of mine. The Lorax has so many great themes!

Colonial America Assessment ~ This is a common assessment among 4th graders that we "skipped" over as we were working with the tasks that were released by the State in order to prepare for the ELA. As a result, we will go back to that assessment. It is skill based so it's not one that requires studying. The kids can plan to take that on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Word Work ~ We're back on schedule! The pink group will take their matching test on Friday. New words will be distributed tomorrow to the yellow and blue groups.

PAWS ~ The kids will receive PAWS #12 tomorrow. They will have the opportunity to reflect upon a recently watched movie. It does not have to be a new release. Kids are more than welcome to type their work using google docs and then share with me. I will then edit digitally. The "old fashioned" way of paper and pencil works too. :)

George vs George ~ Now that the test is over we can get back to business! It's time to fight the war!

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The upcoming week is going to be a busy one for our musicians. Instruments will need to come to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Our singers will rehearse on Thursday.


The swimming season is upon us here at the PES! Swimming for us will begin on Friday, April 28th. The last swimming day looks to be Thursday, May 18th. I will send home a detailed calendar after Spring Break, which will hopefully keep us all organized!

Upcoming Field Trips ~ Save the Dates!

On Tuesday, May 23rd the entire 4th grade will be traveling to Genesee Country Village & Museum. I am giving you advanced notice for a few reasons. First, student admission is $7 and adult chaperones are $11. Please contact me ASAP at closege@canandaiguaschools.org if you need financial assistance for your child's admission. Parents who are joining us will need to meet us there. Kids have to ride the bus to the field trip site, but can leave the museum with you if proper permission slips are returned prior to the field trip date. This paperwork will come out the first week of May.

Monday, June 19th will be our grade level trip to Onanda Park. This trip will cost $2 per student. The cost covers the pavilion rental and the busing to the park. The same procedures apply to this trip. Kids have to ride the bus to the park, but can be dismissed from the park with parents if appropriate paperwork is complete prior to the field trip to date.

More specifics will be coming soon. I wanted parents to have advance notice in case you'd like to join us and so plans can be made around costs. I will send out a google form in first week of May to find out which parents would like to chaperone.

Important Dates

April 14 - NO SCHOOL, Superintendent's Conference Day

April 17-21 - NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

April 28 - 1st Day of Swimming

May 2-4 - NYS Math Assessment

May 23 - 4th Grade Field Trip to the Genesee Country Museum

June 19 - 4th Grade Field Trip to Onanda Park