Tyler Great Depression

Mrs. Parker's social studies

Political/ Government

Herbert Hoover was the president during the great depression processing new laws trying to make the countrie better in economic culture. The new deal created programs which helped relieve some of the suffering during the time. Also The New Deal provided some jobs and services for the American people to earn a little bit more greens. Food Stamps that the government passed out also provided some needs during the Great Depression. When world war two began many jobs were opened for production of war materials like plains and guns, also giving some poor families opportunities.


The stock Market crashed, this made many Americans loose their money. A lot of money printers lost their jobs so America wouldn't have money being made. The prices of goods and products all went up because of the decrease in money and coins. Business owners were trying to gain more money because of the happening. Millions and Millions of people lost their jobs during the time. Some people had to ride on trains to get to hidden camps in the north, these people were called hobos.


The mid west and the east sections were the most impacted places during the Great Depression. Because this is were most of the manufacturing and farms were during the time. The dust bowl was a huge drought causing thousands of farmers to loose their livestock and possibly their children which in a average family there would be 4 to 5 children in a single family. Also during the dust bowl farmers would have livestock killed by the dust and the sudden loss in food.