Concordia Cares

January 2015

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Special Opportunity!

Concordia Cares and Global Missions is presenting an exciting opportunity to help serve those affected by Hurricane Katrina this Spring in the very unique city of New Orleans. This trip will be taking place over the upcoming Spring Break. This is a great opportunity to help restore the timeless city of New Orleans from the devastating Hurricane Katrina, whose affects are still felt today. For more information please email us at!

Upcoming Events

Illumination Foundation: New Year, New You

The Illumination Foundation will be giving the families in their program a fresh start to a new year with free hair cuts, mini-makeovers, lunch, health education, children’s activities and financial advise. This event is on January 24th from 8 am-12 pm We will be helping to set up and run some of the above booths, a great opportunity to help someone start the New Year off right! If interested in going please email us at

Roots Day

Come join Concordia Cares as we work to help restore the Newport Back bay with native plant species. This is a fun day to work outside and be surrounded by the scenic area of Newport. This is on January 24th from 9 am- 12 pm. If interested please contact us at

Speaker Series: Renee Stevenson

Concordia will be hosting a special guest speaker, Renee Stevenson, who help run South County Outreach. Renee will be discussing the growing problem of hunger in Orange County, and what can be done to combat this issue. This event will take place on January 27th from 6 - 7:30 pm. Snacks and Beverages will be provided!

OC Rescue: Chili Van

Come join us as we work with the Rescue Mission Chili Van to create community and feed the homeless in Downtown Santa Ana. This event is on January 29th from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. If interested please contact us at

Thank you!

We hope you have a great month of January and we hope to see you at our events! If you have any questions about Concordia Cares or are interested in going to an event please email us at!


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"Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16