The Isle Royale Wolves

These Wolves May Be On The Verge Of Extinction.

Scientist have been discussing weather or not to intervene with nature and rescue the wolves now or restore the population after extinction.

A Claim on Why We Should Save The Wolves Now.

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The short lives of pups.

First of all,

These wolves should be saved now!

It would be horrible if these beautiful wolves went extinct and there would be no more.

Little baby wolves barely live to me a adult and that is why these Isle Royale wolves are going extinct.

They often die from hunger because it is very hard for the wolves to find food in the Isle Royale.

When they cannot find or get food the little pups die and this leads to a less population of wolves.

"When food is plentiful, most pups survive to their first birthday. As often, food is scarce and no pups survive."

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Hard to find food and death of adults.


These wolves are dying as they are trying to get food for their pack.

When wolves go out for food they go to hunt moose most often, because the moose is so big that it can feed the whole pack.

But the wolves might die or get extremely injured during this process.

They try to find a moose that has been injured or frail so it is easier to attack.

The wolves will surround the moose and try to attack it but if the moose is strong enough, it will kick at the wolves and hurt them or kill them because of the impact.

Although the wolves can be successful at some times.

"Wolves typically attack moose at the rump and nose. The strategy is to inflict injury by making large gashes in the muscle, and to slow the moose by staying attached, thereby allowing other wolves to do the same. Eventually the moose is stopped and brought to the ground by the weight and strength of the wolves. The cause of death may be shock or loss of blood."

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The Debate


Scientist are debating if they should restore the wolves after extinction or save them right now.

They should save them right, now that way the Isle Royale wolves bloodline will keep going.

If they wait until extinction they could possibly mess up the original line, by putting chemicals and other toxic things in it.

By doing that the wolves can become something vicious or dangerous to nature by making them different.

It would be the best thing to save the wolves right now, so that the line can continue.

They can go out and bring food to the wolves, so that they can be nourished and the babies can grow up to be a adult.

This is the reason why we should save them now.

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