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Spreading the Gospel of Yoga

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Looking to practice yoga in a fun and supportive environment? Consider taking a class with me, Reno's favorite Red-Headed Yogi. I have practiced yoga for the past 4 years and have recently returned from a teacher training with renowned yogis Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini - two of the foremost authorities on modern sustainable yoga.

There are many reasons to start a yoga practice. Whether it is to relieve stress, increase flexibility of both mind and body, build strength, or to lose weight, yoga has many benefits that can greatly impact the quality of your life. The entirety of my life improved through the regular practice of yoga. I found myself calmer, happier, and in the best shape of my life.

Yoga is a lifelong journey toward healing, self-fulfillment, integration of self, and finding balance in our lives - both off and on the mat.

All you have to do is take the first step!


Introducing Reno's Red-Headed Yogi

Yoga saved my life. It was a gift given to me by my teacher and I now have a passion to pass that gift on to others.Three years ago I was in terrible shape. I was overweight, self-conscious about my body, and was heading down a terrible road that was compromising my health and general well being. Then yoga found me. 4 years later, I have lost nearly 100 pounds, changed my diet, and found happiness with my body and with self that I didn't think was possible. . Through yoga I have become more embodied, my attitude toward life has changed, and my relationships with those around me have become more fulfilling and rewarding. Yoga is my life's passion and soul purpose; I want to share my knowledge, enthusiasm, and spirit with those around me.