Antioch Flea Market Sale

Krispy Kreme Sale etc.(Junior High) Clothes etc.(Sr High)

May 11, 2013

Come to our 1st Annual Antioch Flea Market Sale. This is a sale that we are doing to help renovate our sanctuary as we are going through a major overhaul at our Church. In the last 60 years of this buildings existence there has never been a renovation done. The last 18 years of our Church's existence this is the first time where we are renovating our Church so that it is a better environment for our next generation children. Please come and help build up our Church and the community that is around us so that we can be a blessing to the people in Conshohocken, Philly, and to the rest of the world!

Antioch Flea Market

Saturday, May 11th 2013 at 8am

1 Antioch Ave

Conshohocken, PA

  • Krispy Kreme Sale
  • Cofffee Sale
  • Clothes
  • Home Improvement Items
  • Korean food
  • 8am-1pm