Touching Spirit Bear by Jacob T.

Written by Ben Mikaelsen


Garvey is a man who is like a mentor to Cole. Garvey is a lot like Cole and sorta like Edwin in the way of wisdom. Peter has been hurt by Cole when he was nearly killed on a sidewalk and that is a grudge against Cole. Edwin and Garvey both are wise en who are persistent.


The symbols I chose are baby birds, rock, spark plug, wolf, and totem pole. The baby birds are like Cole without loving parents who provide for him during his life so far. The rock is symbolic of his ancestors and lets him get in touch with his inner self. The spark plug represents Col's integrity that he decided not to turn his back and leave when he had the opportunity. The wolf represents Cole's anger and how he needs to control it under pressure and still integrity is needed. Finally, the totem pole is representative of Cole's feeling throughout the story and how he is expressing it.


"That's because those people still think you can get rid of the left end of the stick.” This quote describes the fact of Cole's anger. Cole is angry and needs to learn how to control it and is learning to. He must figure out how to deal with having the left end of the stick.

I Am Poem

I am Cole Matthews

I am unique and special

I wonder about the future

I hear birds chirping

I see the future in my hands

I want to find my inner self

I am Cole Matthews

I pretend that I am older and wiser

I feel accomplished

I touch the spirit bear in me

I worry about what will happen next

I cry when I am worried

I am Cole Matthews

I understand my lifelong duties

I say we decide what happens in the future

I dream I am safe

I try to make that dream reality

I hope it all works out

I am Cole Matthews