April 18-24

Friday: Dogwood Bike Around Bothell

On Friday, April 19 from 2-4pm, RA Justin will take Dogwood residents to borrow “Husky Rides” bikes from the Community Center and ride around the Downtown Bothell area to explore good places to eat and his favorite places to visit! Bikes are on a first come, first serve basis! Contact Justin for more information

Friday & Saturday: Oak Hall Int'l Film Festival!

On Friday and Saturday April 19 & 20, from 7-9pm RA Charles will be hosting an International Film Festival in which residents will compare the different of perspectives directors of films have on cultures and countries different to their own.

Husky Village has been selected to participate in a graduate survey project regarding energy conservation, survey information will be available next week

Michael Ng is a second year student in Policy Studies major in UWB. He has spent most of his time to study environmental policy in different countries and cities. He believes a good environmental policy can make a balance between social development and environmental protection. In this year, he has a chance to involve in energy conservation project in Husky Village. And, he hopes this project can bring positive living experience to every resident here!

In this project, one of the experiments is going to explore energy conservation and behavioral change in student housing. The experiment will randomly assign four sets of intervention to different apartment units in Husky Village. Residents will receive an instruction and a survey form in their mailbox next week.

Thanks for your participation!

Take your trash to the dumpster

As a reminder, please do not place your household trash in the small garbage cans outside of your stairwells. These cans are intended for small items (coffee cups, receipts, fast food in your car) as you walk to and from your apartment. Putting your household trashbags or pizza boxes in these receptacles clogs them and prevents others from using them. Please bring these items to the large green dumpsters on site.


Check out the food page for more information about on-campus dining options and this week's menu from Mom's Fine Foods!