saving water


The amount of water we have has always been an problem in TX. In the 1870's was the first recorded drought in TX and today we are still having droughts. Many things happened between now and then such as in 1917-1925 the government passed drought laws. In 1950-1957 was the worst recorded drought. 1965-dust storm hits Lubbock. 2010-is our current drought these are all examples of how much water we have has always been a problem.


Our group has come up with a way to use the water that is available to us, we call it the SALTERATOR. The SALTERATOR works by the blades spinning very and catching all of the salt. Then the water goes throw a pipe to a water tower that stores the water until we need it. The salt that was left over in the SALTERATOR will be pushed into a different pipe going a different direction than the water and will be stores in barrels till they need to be used.