Drugs And Cigeretes Kill Your Body

Its Not A Healthy Life Choice

Types Of Drugs , What They Do To You

Heroin - This drug is highly addictive , you feel a "rush" then drowsiness ,it can lead to blood clots , organ failure , and many diseases
Ex Teen addict discusses heroin's affects
Crystal Meth - This drug can cause you to have severe dental problems , High body temperature , Voilet Behavoir , and this drug is highly addictive .
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Ecstasy - Can cause you to pass out and can make you clench your teeth , grind your teeth , until there's nothing left to clench or grind. It can cause you to have Dangerously high body temperature , which can cause your body to literally cause your Body to "Cook" your own Insides.

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Steroids -

For Males they can cause for their Testicles can Shrink , Infertility , And may strat to grow Breasts.

For Females , they can start growing Facial Hair , Chest Hair itc. , Also the voice starts to deepen

For Both Males and Females , Excessive acne ,Mood swings , Paranoia , and "Roid Rage" its a very violent out brake that happen any moment to people who take steroids

When you stop using steroids all the of the muscle you have gained turns into fat almost instintaly

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What diseases you can get from smoking a tabacco cigerete.

You can get Emphysema. Emphysema is an illness that effects your air sacks in your lungs , which cause your air sacks to lose their elasticity , which can lead you to sufficate and lead you to your Death.
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Smoking a cigerete can cause Atherosclerosis . This disease causes your arteries to harden , which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke .
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