Welcome to our Deretchin Art Museum

An online art gallery and celebration of our artists

Our artist added over 4,000 pieces of artwork this year to our online art gallery! It truly is amazing to think this year our students together added over 4,000 pieces of artwork to our online art gallery. Our artist wrote over 800 artist statements sharing what they learned while creating their artwork or sharing what they liked most about their piece of art. Our artist received over 1,300 comments from family on the artwork they shared. We are so proud of all of our artist!

Love, Mrs. Colschen and Ms. Gibson

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First Grade Art Gallery

Second Grade Art Gallery

Third Grade Art Gallery

Fourth Grade Art Gallery

Fifth Grade Art Gallery

Sixth Grade Art Gallery

Congratulaltions to our Hall of Fame Artist

76 Dragons this year made it into the Artsonia Hall of Fame. These students published 3 or more artworks during the current school year, got 5 or more members in their fan club, and received 5 or more visitor comments during the current school year on their published artwork.

Kindergarten Hall of Fame Artist

Sydney B.

Grant C.

Charlotte C.

Audrey E.

Katelyn H.

Keira S.

Luke S.

Vihann V.

First Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Sabrina A.

Leticia B.

Gaston C.

Elliette C.

Charley C.

Emily D.

Luis G.

Lane H.

Jack J.

Felipe M.

Hailey N.

Ashlynn R.

Nora V.

Levi W.

Wyatt W.

Second Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Hailey A.

Fayez A.

Mauricio A.

Smriti A.

Melanie B.

Amelia C.

Benjamin C.

Jaycee C.

Jaymee C.

Paulina F.

James G.

Ilya J.

Creighton L.

Mauricio M.

Julia M.

Tiwalade O.

Jemely P.

Jayla S.

Alice S.

Harrison V.

Third Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Radiya A.

Andrew A.

Phillip A.

Charley B.

Nelson C.

Connor C.

Hunter C.

Jonah C.

Karina D.

Anna E.

Minerva G.

Sloane H.

Gavin M.

Jacob M.

Addison S.

Sebastian S.

Ahmad Y.

Fourth Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Tyler B.

Chloe B.

Jane J.

Iris L.

Savannah L.

Isabel L.

Tomas M.

Ava N.

Angeles V.

Tyson V.

Fifth Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Austin C.

Dillen P.

Sixth Grade Hall of Fame Artist

Andrea C.

Ryan M.

Mariana O.