First Conditional Fun


Chain game

Everyone sits in a circle. The first person says a first conditional sentence. The next person makes the first person's main clause his if clause and ends the sentence. You can use the to do this game on the computer. Example

Election game

Students write their election promises and present them in front of the class (If you vote for me I'll forbid homework.) At the end the students vote for the best candidate. You can use voki for the speech since there are many president avatars that you can use. Example

I don't know what to write

The teacher states the if clause and the students should write as many main clauses as they can think of. They shouldn't stop writing at any time and if they can't think of anything they write I don't know what to write until they do. You can use for this exercise. Example

Folding Story

Everyone thinks of one first conditional sentence. They write the if clause on a piece of paper, fold it and pass it on. Then they write the main clause, fold it and pass it on. They do the same until their story is back in their hands. You can also use the online folding story for this activity. Example


Write down some superstitions that the students know about. For homework ask couple of students to talk to someone older in their family and collect more superstitions. Use overblog to save them.
Macedonian Superstitions