The Update We've Been Waiting For!

The Bracelets Are Here!

You've been waiting and wondering the answer to this question: "When can I buy a Link Locket Bracelet??"

Well I finally can share with you the answer!

They are now available to buy!!

Visit my website to purchase your new Link Locket (in your choice of Silver or Gold), Bracelet, and Over the Heart chain today!!


So if you've been waiting for them to arrive before hosting a party, now's the time! Book a party today and see how easy it can be to earn your Link Locket for FREE!

With Christmas around the corner, so many people are looking for a special gift for someone they love and O2 has the answer :) Your family and friends can create a gift as unique as the person they're giving it to!

Parties are also an excellent way to kick back for a couple hours with your girl friends and have that excuse to get together during the busy Holiday season!

Whatever the reason, don't hesitate to get your party booked before the dates disappear off my calendar ;)


If you absolutely fell in love with Origami Owl like I did, why not consider joining my team? You can pick how busy (or not) that you want to be AND reap all the extra benefits by earning commission on your sales! This Holiday season is skyrocketing and we're all having SOOO much fun sharing stories with our friends and family! It's THAT easy to earn a little extra money for gifts, paying off some bills, or even putting it into savings for a vacation you have on the horizon ;)

All you have to do is go to the Join My Team page of my website to sign up.

The "Tools For Success" page will give you a detailed description of what comes in your starter kit. The starter kit is only $149 + shipping and you get OVER $540 worth of O2 merchandise to begin your business!! That's an amazing deal!!

I would be very honored to be chosen as your mentor and will do whatever I can to help you succeed, soar, and fly with Origami Owl!

You can make your dreams come true, join our O2 family today! :)

Genevieve Mardres - Origami Owl Leading Designer & Team Mentor #23374

Origami Owl is a customizable jewelry line.

Every jewelry creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going, and the dreams you carry in your heart. So look inside yourself to create fun, fashionable, meaningful jewelry that is as unique as you are.