Life in Colonial America

"Less judgment than wit is more sail than ballast"-Penn

New England Colonies

The New England colonies which consisted Connecticut,Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. In these colonies which were in control by the British. The economy was agricultural; the people made money trading , building ships and farming. The religion was puritan and everyone was well education. Government wise it was self-govern men that owned land were allowed to vote.

Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies consisted of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They were previously controlled by the Dutch but Great Britain took control. In order to keep a stable economy they had to rely on fur trade with the Indians. Mostly Quakers in this land that wanted to get away from the complete control that the British had in the New England colonies. William Penn became the leader of this land.

How are they diffrent ?

Compared to the other colonies the New England colonies were more handy , educated and more put together then the Middle colonies who were mostly Quakers they weren't educated and relied on trading with the Native Americans to keep a steady economy. The Southern Colonies had slaves that were brought over from Africa the slaves weren't educated and the colonist relied on them to farm and make them money.

How are they the same ?

In the colonies they were all controlled by Britain. All the colonies were using farming and trade to support help them be successful.
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Southern Colonies

The Southern colonies consisted of the Chesapeake colonies, Maryland, North and South Carolina.People came from all over Europe to reside here. In these colonies the slaves and Indentured servants were sent into forced labor without pay. The slaves produced tobacco, rice and indigo to bring in money. Tobacco was the big demand. Slaves were continued to be forced and farm it even became a set law.
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