Erika Cordova


airfare cost and schedule

My flight leaves Denver at 6:05am and lands at 2:30pm in Miami.

My flight back to Denver is at 8:40pm and lands at 10:50pm.

I am going on American Airlines.

Cost for my food would be $75.

One ticket would cost $945.00

My total cost is $1965.00


The hotel I am staying at is called the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Each night costs $522. My hotel is a 4 star hotel. Intertainment for they have a pool, a spa room, ice cream shop, a fitness room, direct beach access, water park and loths more.,Miami,FL-c14305-h32213-details/2014-04-26/2014-05-11/2rooms/2guests/expanded/#overview


People who are visiting Miami should do the Miami Helicopter Tour. The helicopter tour shows you beaches, skylines and other sights of the city. You can choose to go on the tour for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. The cost is only $220. The view is gorgeous!

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem that could happen when traveling to Miami could be loosing or having your passport stolen. A solution could be to get a replacement passport before you go to your destination. If you notice that you lost your passport before you go on the plane, tell a staff. The staff member will take you to get a temporary passport that you will have until you get back to Denver. Once you get back to Denver you have to buy a new passport.


I've always wanted to go to many places but my destination is Miami, Florida. I had lots of plane rides to choose but I chose to do the flight from Denver to Miami for many reasons. One of the reasons was because I prefere to just go on one plane instead of two. Another reason is because it is less money. When i get to my hotel I went to my room. After i got all my stuff ready I went to the beach. I thought it would be fun to go on a tour of Miami from a helicopter. I booked a helicopter ride for an hour. I had so much fun. I did lots of other thing like go to the mall. The mall was very fun. The mall wasn't packed. I got a few shirts and shorts. I also got a swimming suit. Over all, my trip was very fun.