CSinPA: January 2022

Should old acquaintance be forgot...

And never brought to mind?

With "Auld lang syne" still ringing in our ears, here are highlights from 2021 that led to evolving practices and new opportunities for CSinPA in 2022:

After the 2019-20 PAsmart Targeted grant ended, we solicited feedback from educators and administrators via surveys and focus groups. Efforts to evaluate the impacts of the PAsmart Targeted Grant programs are ongoing.

Our K-8 professional learning program was revised and remains available through partnering Intermediate Units (IUs). A virtual, statewide cohort of the K-8 Pathway begins this month.

50 educators obtained Pennsylvania's 7-12 CS certification in 2021 and we can't wait for more certification celebrations in 2022. Enrollment in the 7-12 CS Certification ("Praxis Prep") pathway is ongoing. Input received through the 7-12 certification and exam survey inspired us to create new supports for before and after the exam: Peer tutoring and reimbursement for exam/certification costs.

34 LEAs participated in CS strategic planning at a SCRIPT workshop in 2021. SCRIPT events and support, including the new "1 year" workshop are available.

"Leading the Charge," a CSinPA Act 45 course for administrators kicked off in October and will continue through the spring.

A successful pilot project with 10 LEAs last spring led to additional projects integrating drone technology into CS learning, including the 2021 National Autism Conference student summer camp and new professional learning opportunities. 17 LEAs are currently involved in our drones professional learning program and applications are still being accepted.

TaC from 15 IUs joined our new Training and Consultation to Implement Computer Science (TACTICS) team program to remove barriers for students with disabilities. With support from the TACTICS team, we're developing CS professional learning specifically for TaC, including a hands-on workshop at the PDE conference in March (details coming soon).

We were inspired by the educators leading Pennsylvania's CSTA chapters (Pittsburgh, Susquehanna, Longwood, Philadelphia) whose passion and collaborative spirit led to their development of a virtual, statewide unconference planned for March 19. We will share registration information ASAP.

Additional resources were added to the CSinPA Toolkits including the CS Equity Guide for Administrators, three guided practice "workbooks" for teachers (advocacy, recruitment, instruction, and the song, "Step by Step by Step" which will be workshopped in classrooms this spring. We're now in the process of revising and reorganizing the Toolkits.

Last but definitely not least, we're drawing from experiences from the 2021 CSforAllPA Summit to plan for the 2022 Summit, scheduled for June 22-23.The theme isTurning Points in recognition of the fifth anniversary of the CSforAllPA Summit and its return to PaTTAN Harrisburg. The Call for Proposals for the 2022 CSforAllPA Summit will open soon.

And there's a hand my trusty friend...

And give me a hand o' thine!

We appreciate your involvement in CSinPA in 2021, 2022, and years to come. Together, we can make CS learning equitable in the Commonwealth.

Sara, Ethan, Avni and Jeremy


P.S. 2021 may be gone but our previous newsletters aren't: Click below to access our archives.