Natural gas

Airelle Watson And Bayley Medesy

How is natural gas is formed?How is it used?

  • How natural gas is formed
  1. Pipes are sunk into the ground to release gas.
  • How it's used
  1. Natural gas is used by heating,cooking,and electricity generation.


  • Oil is already made fuel
  • Relatively cheap to extract and to convert

advanages are done now disadvanages

not unlimited amount of natural gas


  • When burned it gives off atmosphere pollutions, including greenhouse
  • Only limited supply

Where is natural gas found most abundant...?

  • Trapped between some of the rocks under the earth surface.
  • Pipes are sunk into the ground to release gases
  • Often use in houses for heating and cooking
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Are there any harmful effects to earth when creating and using this resource?

  • Harmful chemical into home through the methane it contains
  • The waste fluid is left open airpits evaporated, releasing harmful VOC

Natural gas is a non renewable