spotlight review by: Summer Chen

No one is ordinary becuase everyone is extodinary.

310 pages

Author: R.J Palacio


Wonder is a story about a boy named August, and his journey through his first year in puplic school at Breecher Prep. His face is deformed, so he has always been homeschooled. August's best friend moved away, but he still has a sister named Olivia and a dog named Daisy. When he first starts school, many people get scared even by walking past him. He still has friends named Jack and Summer. However, a boy named Jullian is always picking on August. So, August must overcome all the obstacles of a new school and friends including everyone making fun of him. He will soon overcome these obstacles with the help of his new friends, and a camping trip that will change his life.

Don't judge a person by a face.

Many people will take one look at a person and think that he/she is different becuase of his/her face. They may just have a normal functioning brain, but a dysfuntional face. I am guilty of this sometimes when I see someone who has something deformed about thier body. I want to think that they are just normal, and they just have something a little different with thier body. However, many people will think that, too. Just because someone looks diffrent doesn't mean they are worse or better. I think this is a really good theme of the story.