First Grade News

A look back at our week...


We have been adding non-fiction to our books bins! The students are listening to many non-fiction books and learning how to think and wonder about new things! Here are some titles we have read and thought about at school. You can grab them from the library and read them again at home!


This week we learned a new game (How many in the Cup?) that is helping us subtract and find a missing part! Students used counters and a cup to place counters (using 5 one day and 10 another) inside and outside of a cup. They shared strategies for how to figure out the missing part. Some students shared how they counted on and some subtracted. They are also learning how to represent their thinking about the counters in a number sentence.

Along with this game we celebrated the 100th day of school Friday! Students worked through 4 choice activities (counting to 100 using a efficient strategy for grouping, colored 100 pictures, used a die to roll and add to 100 and found 100 words they can read and write)!

Students also practiced some math on the computer during their second round of MAP Testing. This assessment is just one small piece of information about how our students are learning. It is not something we use to put in progress book but is another way to look at information about how they learn. We know the thinking they share with us day to day and how they approach problems gives us the best indicator of how they are learning and growing in the classroom. They worked hard!

Hour of Code

Last Friday, students learned how to read, write and follow code! If you student would like to try Hour of Code at home, here again is the link:

Next Week:

We have Fair of Hearts next Friday and the students will enjoy games and activities throughout the school and the afternoon. In the morning we will exchange valentines! You can bring a box but we will also make bags in the classroom.

Conferences are next Thursday night. I look forward to seeing some of you then!