5th Grade Newsletter

March 17, 2007

Week of March 20th Curriculum

Math - Financial Literacy

Science -Changes in Ecosystems

Reading - Connections Across Genres

Writing - Text Structures/Writing Project

Social Studies - Great Depression

5th Grade STAAR Test Reminders

Math STAAR test will be Tuesday, March 28th and the Reading STAAR test March 29th. As a reminder, here is the STAAR drill:

  • Students are asked to bring a sack lunch on both STAAR days. We will be eating quietly in our classrooms around 10:45. Please also send a snack for them to eat in the afternoon. If a student does forget their lunch, please do not worry, they will be able to get one from the cafeteria.
  • We prefer no devices including Smart Watches in school on STAAR days, but we know times are changing and many students rely on them for communication with you after school. If a child does bring a device, we collect them, label, put them in a bucket, and send them to the office. At the end of the day, we will retrieve the bucket and return to students.
  • If you need to get a message to us or your child after 8:00 am on any STAAR day, please call the office because we will not have access to our computers/email/phones.
  • Students know to bring a book (no e-readers) that will keep them busy should they finish before the 4 hours are up. Also please send your child to school with at least two number 2 pencils and a highlighter (most of them have this).
  • Send a light jacket or sweater in case they get cold in the room.
  • Students who take medicine regularly should take it as usual.
  • Also, no parents are allowed past the main doors on STAAR days as testing is in all parts of the building, including rooms off of the front office.

Hopefully you can get your child to bed early the day before STAAR so that they are well rested and stay stress free. Please remember to give your child their daily medication on these days. We want our students to be as comfortable as possible. We know they will get a good breakfast at home but we also give them juice and toast in the classroom.

FISD Spirit Night with the Rough Riders

April 7th at 7:05 join FISD at Dr. Pepper Ballpark for a fun night of baseball. Tickets are only $15 each. Order yours now www.ridersbaseball.com/friscoisd

For more information, check out the flyer that went home in your child's Thursday folder.

New PTA Website!

Smith PTA has a new website at www.smithpta.net Go check it out! It will let you know about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, programs, and so much more! There is also a link to our school directory! But, you will need a password to get into the directory. The password is "Soaring" and it is case sensitive. If you have any questions, you can email the PTA at noelasmithpta@gmail.com

Important Dates

March 20- Author Aaron Reynolds visits Smith

March 28- 5th grade STAAR Math (see note below - closed campus)

March 29- 5th grade STAAR Reading (see note below - closed campus)

March 30- Report cards go home

April 11- Snow White Play

March 28 and 29 (Closed Campus Days)

During STAAR testing days, our campus will be closed to visitors on both days for all grade levels. Thanks for your patience as we help to maintain a secure testing environment for our students.