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To support the new Curriculum for Wales

What's your strategy to implement the new Curriculum for Wales?

We believe teachers and leaders should have ownership of their own professional learning. We believe tightening budgets and a clearer focus on research-informed collaborative learning means the way in which teachers access professional learning needs to change.

That's why we are delighted to announce that we are creating 4 digital research-informed Professional Learning Packs to help support schools to implement the new Curriculum for Wales. Each Professional Learning Pack is a "How To Guide..." for different elements of the new Curriculum for Wales. The first of these is now available.

The Impact Professional Learning packs are a whole school solution to the professional learning needs of effective curriculum implementation. These digital resources support leaders and teachers to take charge of their own professional learning and create learning for pupils that makes a real difference.

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What's in each pack?

Each Professional Learning Pack includes resources for teachers and leaders at all levels in schools. There are activities suitable for strategic decision making at senior leadership level, key questions to discuss at departmental level as well as resources to be used by teachers for planning and templates to use with pupils.

Each of the 4 packs is designed to support teachers to make a start on their Curriculum for Wales implementation journey, ensuring the decisions that they make are fully focussed on having a positive impact on pupil's knowledge, skills and experiences.

Inside each pack you will find:

  • Everything you need to know about... a section that gives a background on the Curriculum for Wales element and links it to further reading and research.
  • A step by step process for strategic implementation
  • Teaching models informed by the most relevant, robust research
  • Planning templates to support teachers to take the next step
  • Pupil tools to measure impact and support pupil ownership of their learning.

How should we use the packs?

Schools can download and share the packs directly with their whole staff. They can then set tasks from the professional learning pack to be discussed by teachers and leaders and ongoing staff meetings.

Teachers can trial the strategies included and using the feedback models to share the results with their colleagues.

Senior and middle leaders can use the step by step process to create a strategic plan to address, implement and evaluate the new curriculum in their school.

How much does each pack cost?

There will be 4 Professional Learning Packs available to support implementation of Curriculum for Wales:

  1. The 4 Purposes of Curriculum for Wales
  2. The Cross Curricular Responsibilities
  3. The Areas of Learning & Experience
  4. Assessment & Pupil Progress

Each pack can be ordered for £11.95, or you can pre-order all 4 for £39.95. To keep up to date with the latest updates for professional learning you can also subscribe to our half-termly Professional Learning Packs on a wide range of topics for just £7 per month. To find out more

The first of the series, The 4 Purposes is available for schools to order now. Just email with "4 Purposes Pack" in the subject line and we'll send you more details.

The remaining 3 packs will be published over the next 18 months in plenty of time for statutory implementation in September 2020.

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