Our vacation in Hawaii

made by: Niels en Roné

Information about Hawaii

The Capital of Hawaii is Honolulu. Hawaii has around 1.7 million inhabitants. They have as language Hawaiian, with but 12 letters, but it is the most spoken English. The weather is always almost the same. They have 2 seasons; Kau and Ho'oilo (summer and winter). At the winter is the temperature about 26,5 degreas, and at the summer it is about 30. The history of Hawaii have 1 crazy moment; The bombing of pearl harbor. The bombing was carried out by the Japanese. The of the bombing was 7 december 1941. The island is beautiful. They have beautiful landscapes and a lot of very nice palm trees. There are also beautiful beaches and reefs. Hawaii is know also for its beautiful surf spots. Every year there are more then 5 million tourists comming to Hawaii!!! A funny fact is that the president of the United States a large part of is live have lives on Hawaii, because he is brauht up in Hawaii. And a another fact is: do you think that Hawaii consists of 1 island? There is then nothing of, because it consists of 137 islands of wich 7 inhabited! So, Hawaii is a almost perfect place for your holidays!


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The first day we were there it was a nice day with a temperature of 31.4 degrees. That is higher than the average of 29.4 degrees. We went first after we had arrived to the hotel in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. We went then to a reconstructed Polynesian sailing canoe in the port of Honolulu. When we are tired we went to the place where the second world war the fleet in Pearl Harbor. That fleet was then bombed. Then we went back to the hotel and we went to eat. The food that we got was excellent. The Hawaiise kitchen is inspired by Asian countries but also by countries from Europe such as Portugal. After eating we went swimming in the Pacific Ocean. When we went to listen to a group Hawaiise musicians. Then we went to bed.

The second day we started with good breakfast. Then we decided to go to a place where we could surf. That was very nice but first we had to listen to a defective English explanation. We had done nothing else than the rest of the day surfing and a little sunbathing on a white beach with swaying palm trees and a clear blue sea. in the evening, good food and then to bed.

The third day we were on with good humor and after a good breakfast went to a museum in Honolulu where all information on Hurricane Gladys who in 1992 much damage on Hawaii. Then we went swimming in the sea. Back at the hotel we went waves and then we packed up the bags in and we went to the airport to return to Netherlands.


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