We know true hackers WANT the challenge of doing something difficult. We know human beings NEED to create an impact in people's lives. Connect the two and you get the first ever GT Hackers Bootcamp.

Here's the PROBLEM: The Tech community needs an upgrade. There is no dedicated platform for Georgia Tech students to connect with each other for projects, meetings, etc.

Here's the SOLUTION: Create a Craigslist mimic application specifically for Georgia Tech that will integrate the community by providing various social networking functions.

Here's the CHALLENGE: Do it in 2 days. And do it better than the other hackers. Did we forget to mention its a competition?

Disclaimer: We don't care if you have lesser than average skill but you NEED larger than life PASSION.

When: April 6th-7th

Where: Hypepotamus, Basement of Biltmore Hotel

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Saturday, April 6th

Get to know the other hackers and form groups. Interpret the challenge as a group, work out a rough plan, then get to work. Bring a sleeping bag.

Sunday, April 7th

Starts with coffee, ends with fun. You can guess the middle. At the end of Sunday, each group will present their work to a panel of expert judges from both the Tech and Atlanta community. The winner will get to launch their product for the Georgia Tech community with help from the Startup Exchange crew.

All in all: Work hard, have fun, meet great people, make awesome stuff, go home feeling like a boss.