Griffs Golf Balls

By: Griffith

We are Griff's Golf Balls

I am here to provide my customers with high quality golf balls for a very cheap price, I hope you will buy some golf balls from Griff's Golf Balls! Thanks

What is Griffs Golf Balls?

Griffs Golf Balls is a small business started by me, Griffith. When I was a little boy I had always dreamt of starting a business, and I realized I could make some money finding used golf balls; then I would sell them. My business sells used golf balls found at a local country club in Wilmington. I then sell my golf balls at different prices, I'll sell Pro V1's for $1.00 and some other good condition balls for around 20-30 cents.

What business would I like to create?

I chose the sole proprietorship business type because I believe it fits best for me. I decided this business type was best for me because I think it would be easier for me because I want it to be one man show. Also, I don't know how many people have the will power to put their hand in a creek looking for golf balls. The advantages are I will earn all the profit while not having to share any lf it. I also don't want to have to consult with other people before I make a decision. This is why I think sole proprietorship is best for me.

How will my business type overcome the disadvantages it will face?

I will overcome all of the disadvantages listed for many reasons. First of all I wont have to worry about any debts because my shop isn't at a store, its always moving, lets just say I'm a mobile seller. You may say It costs money to travel, nope, I can bike with my supplies and go door to door selling. The other disadvantage listed is raising capital. I don't think I'll have a problem with this because I believe I convince people that my business will thrive and they will get their money back and more. I will not have trouble finding employees because I already have people wanting get on it.

How will I addres my employees concerns

I will not have labor unions at my shop for many reasons. I believe if I have labor unions the employees will often go on strike and demand higher pay, I don't want that to happen. Instead I will let my workers have a say, for example they could tell me they aren't comfortable working with their hands or the pay. Then I could ask these questions to the other employees and if majority wins I will take these issues into serious concerns, while trying to not go in debt. If I cant fund their wants, I may have to lay one off, in order to pay the workers more, but the workers must bring in more golf balls, so they must work harder.

How will my company Go Green?

My company will go green in a number of ways. First of all I'm cleaning out the creek at the club, which holds mass amounts of litter (Golf Balls). I take the golf balls out and make sure the fish can live without choking on a golf ball. Also, the golf balls pose a threat to snapping turtles, the turtles may mistake it for food and the choke on it and die. While cleaning out the creek, I will be saving many lives. Since I'm such a nice guy, while looking for golf balls, I take out any trash I may see in the creek.