New Little Muslims Learning Kit!

Create a love for Islam with your little muslims

Create. Learn. Repeat.

Have you been wanting to teach your little Muslim about our faith, but can't find the time to gather resources together?

No worries! Alhumdulillah, we have done the work for you!

Subscribe today to receive engaging projects and tasks that will be sure make learning about Islam exciting. Bond with your child as you work together to create Islamically- themed learning resources. Each month you will receive a new learning kit with everything you need to get started. Just open up your kit and create!

Ramadan is coming! Subscribe today!

What is included in a Little Muslim Learning Kit?

You will be surprised with new material each month! Your child will be excited to start new projects with the arrival of your monthly kit.

Some examples of project themes you may find in your kit are:

  • Arabic letters, Arabic numbers & Animals found in the Quran
  • Shapes and objects found in the Quran & the 99 names of Allah s.w.t
  • Islamic month calendars, Islamic celebrations & the 5 pillars of Islam
  • Making Hadj & Ummrah, Stories of the Prophets, & Seerah studies

You will receive all materials you need for each project with each new kit!

So how do I receive my first Little Muslim Learning kit?

It couldn't be easier:

1) Go to our Facebook page: Little Muslim Learning

2) Message us with your interest

3) Follow a link to subscribe

4) Watch out for your kit each month in the mail!