Spotlight On Associate Stylist!

Amy Ray

Let's get to know AMY!

1. What is your name and where do you live? Amy Ray, West Hartford, CT

2. How long have you been a Stella & Dot stylist? Since 6/30/14

3. What is your favorite part about having a team and promoting to Associate Stylist? Sharing this opportunity with someone else and helping them grow their business. It's also great to see the rewards that come with growing a team!

4. What is your best Little Blue Card purchase? Celebrating my 40th birthday in DC with my husband

5. Why did you join Stella & Dot? I loved the bag collection and the patterns and colors. I am a graphic designer and this really spoke to me. I also wasn't working full time when the opportunity arose and jumped right in.

6. What is your WHY and what are your future plans/goals with Stella & Dot? In the beginning it satisfied helping contribute to my household. I also love the flexibility. Now that I working full time again I am still making this a part of my career. It fulfills me in another unique way and I love the challenge. I want to continue to grow my team and reach Star this summer.

7. If you could offer one piece of advice to a new stylist, what would it be? Don't fear that this is something you haven't done before. There are so many resources and great people available. You are not recreating the wheel, but rather adding your flair to it.

8. Fun fact: one sentence that can tell us a little more about YOU outside Stella & Dot! I am a reality tv junkie. I still watch the Bachelor and Real Houswives!

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