The Evergreen State College

A liberal arts college for all your educational needs.

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  • 60+ fields of study to explore. We don’t tell you what to take. You’re free to choose programs with topics that interest you.

  • 1st-year access—Freshmen students can get access to top tier equipment like nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopes, 3D printers, and studio cameras, right out of the gate. Other colleges require upper level experience or research clearance.

  • 88% of Greener grads are employed or pursuing graduate or professional studies within one year of graduation (or both!)

  • 3 graduate programs ground you in values of service, community, social justice, and stewardship.

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Evergreen’s great education comes at a modest price.

  • 71% of Greeners receive financial aid.

  • Greeners experience the fastest time to degree among Washington’s public four-year institutions. That means less in total costs for you.

  • Nearly 50% of graduates in the Class of 2013 finished without any debt. Those who did borrow while attending Evergreen borrowed below state and national averages.

    Source: State of Washington Education Research & Data Center

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Life on campus (Credits to Evergreen college)

Housing on campus provides many options, free internet, a short commute, and convenient access to a long list of benefits.

Dining on campus offers flexible ways to get your fill and spend quality time together.

More than 1,000 acres of forest surround the campus, with winding trails leading to 3,300 feet of unspoiled beach on the Puget Sound.