Roman Empire

By:Kaylee Sorum


I am doing my project on, ROMAN EMPIRE. My TOPIC 1 THE KINGS OF EARLY ROME, is a little bit about Numa Pompials. TOPIC 1 IS also about Romulus and Remus about how there were found in a city. TOPIC 2 ROME, THE CITY OF EVEN HILLS, is about towns on the seven hills and a peninsula's. TOPIC 3 A WHOLE NATION GOES ON STRIKE, is about Plebeians and how they are trying to gain there own rights from the Romans.

The Kings Of Early Rome

Once Numa Pompil accomplished to add two months onto the calendar. Early Romans never kept written records. THe old legend says that Romulus and Remus were founded in the city. Numa Pompilius succeeded Romulus. Ancus Marcius is said to have built Rome's seaport.

Rome, The City Of Seven Hills

They moved into a peninsula from Europe. Halfway down the Italian peninsula, on the west coast, the river is called Timber. At Hill Country, on the west lived Sabines. Left bank of the Timber river rises seven hills, they finally joined to make one city called Rome.

A Whole Nation Goes On Strike

To right to there wrong, Plebeians went today on what is called a general strike. From the beginning the plebeians went to gain other rights. It was initially, relatively small and informal advisory assembly. The Plebeians earned rights in Rome. THe growing power was helped by new voting people or Romans.


I learned that Romulus and Remus was nursed by a mother wolf. Well that was what the legend says. Romulus and Remus were found in a city, by the mother wolf. I really enjoyed making and doing this project because I learned a lot more. I will always learn more about Rome. I want to learn more because, I think it is awesome about Romulus and Remus.


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