Halloween Supplies in Bangkok

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

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Making Life a Little Easier

Each year Bangkok Haunt gets asked about where to find things for Halloween in Bangkok. While Halloween fever gets bigger and bigger every year, Halloween is still considered rather foreign.

Regardless, here's some leads that may make things a bit easier for you.

Do you know where to find...........???

Please Note

The suggestions listed here are just that. If the costume doesn't fit on Halloween night or the fake contacts are too uncomfortable to wear, please discuss with the shop.

Further, if anything on this list is incorrect (the shop spellings and names are the respective store choices, not our choices), please let us know and we'll gladly update.

Halloween is meant to be fun, so have fun with it!!

--Bangkok Haunt

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Fake Colored ("Circle") Contacts

Where to Purchase Fake, Colored "Circle" Contacts

Generally, for fake contacts, both decorative and prescription, The Platinum Fashion Mall is going to be your best bet. There are several shops inside the mall here, and as you will see, it can get quite repetitive on what the shops offer.

1.) Doo Dee Big Eyes

2.) Dazzle Me

  • Email: dazzlemelens@gmail.com/ www.dazzlemelens.com / Facebook: dazzlemelens
  • Instagram: @dazzlemelens
  • Whatsapp: (+66) 894 626 179
  • Mobile: (+66) 815 983 480 / (+66) 869 599 697
  • Location: Room 441 2nd Floor, Zone 2, Oxford 2

3.) Ammary

  • LINE: Ammary23
  • Facebook: AmmaryShopByAmmie
  • Email: ammarybyammie@gmail.com
  • Mobile: 095 054 5422 (Amme)
  • Location: 5th Floor, Soi Orchard 1, Room 1266/2


If you want real ones, forget it.

The only real pumpkins you'll find for carving in Bangkok can be ordered through a couple of distribution points via Australia. But be warned......they are expensive. Ranging in prices from 2,500-3,000 per regular sized pumpkin, these prices take a bit of the fun out of Halloween.

Further, once carved, because of the humidity, if placed outside, the humidity forces the pumpkins to cave in almost immediately.

Where to Purchase Fake Pumpkins?

Best spot to purchase these fake jack-o-lanters are on Sampaeng Lane in Chinatown. There are a couple of shops that sell them. Expect to pay 600 THB to 2800 THB depending on the size of choice. (They come in both battery operated versions and electrical wire versions.)

And bargain hard. The best shops for these pumpkins on Sampeng Lane:

1.) PP Connection:

2.) Yong Heng Noy Kee Ltd., Part.

Costume Rentals

Where to Rent Costumes & Specialty?

1.) PR Fancy: www.prfancy.com

2.) M Shop

  • 1096 Petchburi Soi 37, Pethcburi Road
  • Mobile: 086 062 3084
  • Lots of super hero outfits: a good shop if you're looking to be Captain America.

3.) Dreambox Costume

4.) Ri Ta Rae

  • Mostly children / have used this shop a lot for kids costumes / not much for adults
  • Nice shop -- can do custom pieces with significant lead times.
  • Website: http://www.ritahrae.co/about-us-2/
  • Address: 6/10 Soi Promsri 1, Sukhumvit 39
  • Telephone: 02 260 2941

5.) Grandview Fashion

  • Website: www.grandviewfashion.com
  • Tel: 02 538 8325
  • Tel: 093 289 6559 / 091 789 3696
  • Haven't used before, but were super helpful on the phone
  • LINE: dr_dong
  • Area: Lad Prao

Creating / Buying Your Own Costume

Where to Purchase / Create Your Own Costume?

1.) Pinata

2.) Watergate Pavilion

  • In addition to everything they have at Platinum Mall, we like the Watergate Pavilion for lots of cool stuff. Plus, the days we've been there, it's not too crowded.
  • They also have tailors / shops that can custom-make costumes with plenty of notice
  • For example: Mr. Samsorn Chompopuern
  • Mobile: 086 062 3084 / 089 020 0399
  • Across the street from Pratunam Market & Amari Watergate, just north of Petchburi Road on Rajpalop Road

3.) PP Connection

4.) Yong Heng Noy Kee Ltd., Part.

For Halloween-ish "Cosplay":

1.) Hello-Paradise

2.) Cherry Candy

  • Platinum Mall, 222/148 Ginza 3
  • 089 665 6843 / 02 121 9631

Commercial Venues:

1.) Villa Markets

  • When you're really strapped for time (or creativity) and all you need is a clown nose, a witch hat, or cheap devil horns.

2.) BeTrend

At both Siam Paragon and the Emporium, while you won't find anything overly creative or anything out of the ordinary, their Halloween displays do get bigger and bigger every year (and they start earlier every year).

3.) The Loft


Where to Purchase Wigs?

1.) Wiggy

2.) Golden Wig Trading

  • Like this shop a lot / large selection and helpful
  • Across the street from Platinum Mall (2 stories) (Wikthong Plaza)
  • Make sure you visit the 2nd floor as well
  • golden.wig@hotmail.com
  • 081 912 6927 / 02 653 7797

3.) BamBam Fantacy

  • 083 626 4451 / 02 1218019
  • LINE: singdums
  • Email: singtothong@hotmail.com
  • 222/19 G Floor, Soi Ginza 5, Platinum Mall
  • Some kids stuff, wigs masks, some make-up and gloves

4.) U and I Cute and Beauty

  • Email: thunyaras@me.com
  • Mobile: 087 077 9599 / 089 442 6144
  • B1 Platinum Mall
  • Mostly decorative nail stuff, but they do have some wigs and mustaches


Where to Purchase Make-Up?

Please see the same locations for "Where to Purchase / Create Your Own Costume"

Bales of Hay

Where to Purchase Bales of Hay?

1.) Khun A
  • Raminthra 109
  • 081 937 2021
  • LINE ID เอเอเอ / 081 937 2021
  • 140 THB per bale unless ordering more in bulk.
  • Do call ahead to see if stock is present