The Canadian Wilderness

By: Jayden Badger

Candian wilderness

Vast, diverse and wild, planning a trip to the world’s second largest country can be bewildering, but whatever journey you take in this magical land, breathtaking experiences are guaranteed. Our special feature takes you from the Atlantic east to the prairies of Saskatchewan and out to the wild west of the Yukon, revealing a little of Canada’s complex culture

Survival Tips #1

Waterproof, strike-anywhere matches are your best bet. matches can be waterproofed by dipping in nail polish.

Survival tips #2

Dehydration is a common enemy in a emergency situaton and must find running water and if it hits the rocks and it pops it's clean , if it foams it dirty.

Survival Tips #3

Look for berries that are black or blue in color such as trailing blackberry, dewberry and black cap raspberry, whose ripe berries turn deep red to black. But don't eat them unless you can make a positive identification.

survival tips #4

Sur­vival is your first pri­or­ity, but don’t for­get– you need to get res­cued as well. Come up with an action plan in case a plane flies over­head or there are are search par­ties nearby. You’ve seen it in the movies — pre­pare a giant, eas­ily vis­i­ble fire pit out in the open or lay out stones in the pat­tern of HELP or S.O.S.

survival tips #5

It’s a good idea to have a compass with you at all times, but if not then what? Get old school and use the stars- it’s a lot eas­ier than you think

survival tips #5

It’s time to get cre­ative. Famil­iar­ize your­self with how to build a lean to; there are var­i­ous types of shel­ters you can build and each has dif­fer­ent pros and cons. Obvi­ously you want over­head cov­er­ing for warmth at night and pro­tec­tion from the ele­ments.

survival tips #6

Things can get frus­trat­ing when it comes to find­ing ade­quate sources of food when you are in sur­vival mode, espe­cially since mal­nu­tri­tion will work you men­tally and phys­i­cally, mak­ing you feel weak, cranky and deliri­ous. It’s a good idea to get famil­iar with edi­ble wild berries and plants for future ref­er­ence.

survival tips #7

Those glow­ing red flames pro­vide light, cooked food, warmth and pro­tec­tion from preda­tors and pesky bugs.

  • fire plow
  • Bow and drill
  • lens method
  • battery method

survival tips #8

Keep a pocket knife, or multi-tool with you at all times, because you never know when you will need it– and when you do need it, you will rejoice that you have some­thing to cut, pro­tect and pre­pare food– even if all you have is a crappy, lit­tle knife. Now just learn how to sharpen it like MacGuyver.

survival tips #9

Now is the time to be calm and think pos­i­tive. It doesn’t sound like much, but opti­mism goes a long way, and in a sur­vival sit­u­a­tion, it starts with you, your atti­tude and your will no mat­ter how scared and alone you may feel.

survival Tips #10

Please please please tell some­one where you are going before you set off for a trip. No mat­ter where you go, even if you end up stranded unex­pect­edly, you started from some­where in civ­i­liza­tion.
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