Perseverance Newsletter

By AJ Jain


Perseverance is the will and strength to keep fight even when you have been defeated. It takes perseverance for one to triumph.

Carroll Academy Losing to Win Problem/Solution

Carroll Academy is a correctional facility for teenagers who have been abused, whether it was their parents, through drugs, or alcohol. On Sportscenter Featured they show a video called Losing to Win which talks about Carroll Academy. There it states Carroll Academy contain a girls basketball program ran by Randy Hatch, but have dealt with 216 straight losses. The school makes these girls play basketball trying to help them, but they have gone through many adversities mostly off, but also on the basketball court. The Lady Jags have gone through embarrassment and frustration during this losing span. Also, some of the Lady Jags have gone through depression as well as anger and distraught. Although they have lost so many games, it can be used as motivation to the Lady Jags to keep on working hard, staying healthy, and winning. The girls who have had trust issues already with their parents and neighborhood have to learn how to trust each other. The basketball program also helped them stay focused on basketball more and less on all of the bad stuff. At the end the girls used Carroll Academy as a solution and even though they lost 216 straight games they did learn a lot and became better people.

Jackie Robinson Cause/Effect

Branch Rickey is the baseball coach who got Jackie Robinson to play in the MLB, but both of Jackie and Branch had to go through many hardships, adversities, and awful experiences to make this miracle a reality.It all started when Branch Rickey went to a hotel and a black baseball player named Charley was not allowed to stay there because of the color of his skin. Branch Rickey tried threatened the hotel manager that they were going to another hotel, but he was kidding himself because all hotels did not allow any African Americans to stay there. For this reason Mr. Rickey worked up a deal and said that Charley would stay in his room in a cot. Branch Rickey can still remember hearing Charley cry and trying to scratch off the color of his skin, that made Rickey change. Therefore Branch Rickey made Jackie Robinson a ballplayer in the Major Leagues and this lead to equal civil rights and no segregation. This also lead to other activists such as Martin Luther King Jr to take part in the civil rights movement. Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey were the first people to start the Civil Rights movement.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Sequence

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Winston Churchill Description

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and tenacious historical figure. He was born on November 30, 1874. His childhood was tough with his parents not being around much and his nanny who inspired him died. He also got accepted into many great schools, but he was a delinquent until the end of high school where he finished near the top of his class. Throughout his life he has shown perseverance, braveness, courage, and a hard work effort. For example when he was young he wasn’t the greatest student at school and didn’t get great grades at his boarding school. But, after a lot of hard work he got accepted to many prestigious schools. He also showed braveness and courage in 1941 when he went to the Harrow School and helped his country stay strong through his great leadership. However, he is best known for when he persevered in 1929 when Churchill lost his seat as MP due to illness but in 1940 he showed his strength to be elected prime minister. During this time World War II was going on and Poland had just been bombed and he never gave up and showed his greatness, even though he lost his country over and over again. He also had a lot of ups and downs but made the greatness that Great Britain is today. Winston Churchill once said,”Do not let us speak of darker days: let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days “ From this quote we know that he gave his country great hope that eventually helped them win the war and made a huge impact. He also viewed every day as the best and greatest day. He also viewed them as a brand new day to make something big happen. At the end Winston Churchill is one of the greatest historical figures ever best he was eloquent and tenacious.


At the end perseverance is an important key to succeeding in life no matter how many times they have failed they never give up. These 5 people showed great strength to overcome hardships and proved everyone wrong.