All About Me

Hannah Verhunce


  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Swimming
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This is my go-cart i got for Christmas my brother loves to go on rides in this picture he is waiting for me to give him a ride.

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Me and Myles

Myles and I together love this picture i posted it on instagram.

Pictures Found

  • I found all the softball pictures at home then scanned them
  • the one with Myles and me i got on the home iPad really my iPad

My Best School Subject

My best school subject is science and my favorite subject is science. i like science because you get to work with some cool stuff you don't see everyday. also get to do experiences

Ways I am Smart

  • math learning skills
  • Learn Math by Talking it Through 40%
  • Learning Math by Seeing Problems 60%
  • General skills
  • Learn by Reading 25%
  • Learning by Hearing 37.5%

  • learn by doing 37.5%

  • Social learning skills

  • Learning with Others 50%

  • learning by myself 50%

Career Clusters

top 3 Career Clusters:
1. Education and Training
2. Health Science
3. Human Services

My Holand Code