We Need A Hero

Being a hero in todays world

Children In Africa

There are already plenty of donation places that are for starving children of Africa, but i think we could use more of them. One for example is called Feed The Children for only 30$ a month you can give a child food, clean water and they'll be able to go to school.


In 2012 63% of children were orphaned with aids. 2,500,000 lost one or both or their parents due to aids. I think to prevent this Africa's government needs to give out the antiretroviral drugs which are to help prevent HIV.


What Values do south Africans uphold?: Their values guide the management of parliament, formed by which they treasure and hold dear.

South African has 11 official languages. English is the language of administration and is spoken through out the country.

Briana's Charity

We are a charity to help South African children in need go to school, eat, have a place to sleep and have water.