6th Grade Physical Education

Ms. Lee's 6th & 7th Periods

Welcome to Week 8

Wow! I can't believe it's already week 8 of class!! We have just over a week left in quarter 1!
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This Week....

For this week, we are scheduled to be outside and playing Ultimate Frisbee! That is if the weather cooperates with us! In the meantime, the students have been doing a great job indoors. As I mentioned last week, I've taken some of their favorite games (Capture & Star Wars) and added some additional cardio and overall fitness to them. Essentially, before the start of each new round of the game, I call out a fitness activity (push ups, curl ups, wall sit, plank, burpees, etc) and they have to complete the exercise before they can play the game.
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As I mentioned above, if the weather cooperates with us, then we'll be outside. The entire week looks very up in the air as some days are calling for storms, while others could be hit or miss. I also heard on the news this morning that there are possibly two tropical storms that could impact us later in the week. The students know that they have to be prepared for anything and to be flexible as well.

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