6th Grade Technology

By: Chelsey Martinez


The iTrailer is a project in iMovie where you make a trailer about anything you would like, as long as its school appropriate. For example I did mine on my siblings and it wasn't even that hard. When you finish you get the choice if you would like to share it with the class.

Explain Everything

For this project, the teacher tells you that you need to use explain everything you get to choose from 10 different math problems to explain how to solve the math problem . With this you record yourself going through the process of solving the math problem as if you were teaching a student that has never used the app before. Basically your going to become the teacher for the day!

Career Locker

Career Locker is when you get to explore the website and look for jobs that you are either interested in or you would be good for you. Mrs. Vandenboogaard teaches this lesson during your class time. You also get a chance to look at what college or university you would like to go to, and also for fun see how much tuition cost to go there. Then with all of this information you gather it together and make a presentation or the Haiku Deck project of your dream job.

Haiku Deck

With the Haiku Deck you use Career Locker to look up some information on your dream job you would like to have when you grow up. You put in facts about the job and how many years you need to go to school for that job. Also you put why you want to be that when you grow up and once you are finished you present it to the class.


Code or (coding) is when you go through the website and work on your coding skills. Some of you have already started this from last year and some of you haven't. With this everyone gets a chance to work on there coding skills and improve on it or become more advanced with the website.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

Basically it's just typing and working on getting used to the keyboard and trying not to look at the keys when you are typing. You may think its hard but once you get started it becomes really easy. Its the same thing you did last year at the beginning of class. You do this for 5 minutes as a warm up and then you do whatever the task that is on the board or the teacher tells you.