This Week in Team

Week of October 19

Professional Learning Flex Opportunity

Kayla will be attending this conference and would like to invite you. The cost is $30. She is trying to get some spots paid for, but it's been a process. If she can get spots paid for, she will email you back to let you know. In the meantime, if you are interested, email Kayla and let her know and go to the site to register. Click on the attachment to see detailed information about the speakers.

In addition, they are asking for student volunteers from Coppell HS. They would like 5 for the morning session and 5 for the afternoon session. If you have students who would like to earn service hours, this would be a great opportunity. Highland Park is the only other school asked to help.

Monday, October 19

Performance Assessment Design

We will use the criteria below to guide the planning of the common performance assessment and rubric.

Performance Based Assessment(s):

Learners will identify a (situation, experience, issue, or problem) they see as needing to be changed in the community or the world.

  • Learners will determine the (intended audience).

  • Read or listen to various resources to understand multiple perspectives and analyze models for (expository and persuasive).

  • Use (expository and persuasive strategies based on mentor texts) to organize and develop (expository and persuasive writing) in order to communicate effectively to influence the intended audience.

TEKS (10) Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Persuasive Text. Students analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about persuasive text and provide evidence from text to support their analysis. Students are expected to:

(B) analyze contemporary political debates for such rhetorical and logical fallacies as appeals to commonly held opinions, false dilemmas, appeals to pity, and personal attacks.

Tuesday, October 20

Performance Assessment Design and Planning

We will finish designing the common assessment rubric as needed, then move on to planning lessons.

Wednesday, October 21

Lesson Design

Independent and level planning.

Questions to Guide Planning

  • What should ALL learners know, understand, and/or be able to do as a result of this lesson? WHY should they know, understand, or be able to do this?
  • What is enduring knowledge for all? What are the "have to knows" of this lesson? WHY do they need to know this?
  • What do learners need to know to accomplish this objective? What background knowledge do you need to access or provide?
  • What is your vision of success? What are learners doing if/when they learn this? What does successful reaching of the objective look like and sound like?
  • What are the best vehicles for learners to attain the objective and practice the concepts/skills? What provisions have you planned for learners with special needs? (Direct instruction? Guided practice? Team learning? Individual task?) What opportunities for enrichment will you provide for advanced learners? These should be meaningful, engaging, and help learners to cement understandings!
  • How will learners be assessed? How will they know and you know that they have learned - throughout the lesson and after you have taught the concept/skill? This is evidence of learning!
  • How will assessment results guide future instruction? How will you use what you know of learner performance to plan the next lesson?

Thursday, October 22

Professional Learning Has Been Moved

We will meet with the DLCs next week instead. No team meeting today.

October Fun

Looking for some Halloween-themed fun to share with your learners?

I love to see who can come up with the scariest two-sentence horror stories in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Check out the original Reddit thread or this list of 20 stories.

Friday, October 23

Team Does NOT Meet!

Have a great weekend!

Tech Tip of the Week

The teacher enters information into a Google Doc or other Google application template and wants each student to have his/her own individual copy.

In the past, you would most likely do one of the following things:

  1. Print the document, make copies, and distribute them to students. (This wastes paper and converts the digital document to analog.)
  2. Share the document with them and then instruct them to make a copy. (This adds two documents (the original and the copy) to students’ Google drive area which might be confusing.)
  3. Create a template using the template gallery and then give students access to the template. (This requires several extra steps for the teacher and potentially makes the template public to all.)

The Solution

Use the following “trick” to easily share the document.

  1. Create a Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides document.
  2. Get the “shareable” link (URL).
  3. Within the link, change the word “edit” to “copy”.
  4. When you share the “new” URL, it forces students to make a copy!
Google Copy Trick