SWA Library Monthly Report


What's New?

November was spectacular! The library was booked solid with classes.

$5000 from New Psalmist Baptist Church was received on Sunday, November 29th. The funds will be used to purchase much need books. As of my the inventory, the SWA library has roughly 10 books per pupil and the standard for school libraries is 16-20 books per pupil.

I am proud to announce that the Library is a recipient of the 21st Century Instructional Initiatives Grant from The Education Foundation of BCPS. The grant will fund the iStation (Imagination Station) at the library and a partnership with FutureMakers, who will provide expertise and supplies for five after school 'pop-up' MakerSpace workshops for students. The workshops will take place from January through April and will culminate with a MakerSpace fair held in conjunction with the AVID College Fair in May.

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Student and Class Use

Learning in the Library!

7th Grade

World Culture students were busy researching modern African Countries in order to create itineraries and guidebooks for a trip of a lifetime. Language Arts students developed background knowledge on Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan and World War II in preparation for reading The Miracle Worker play and Parallel Journeys.

8th Grade

US History classes created EasyBib accounts and explored a variety of resources that are available for their Oral History and Current events projects.


Both 7th and 8th grade classes began an extensive research project that has been designed to strengthen students' 21st Century Information Literacy skills--evaluating sources, search strategies, avoiding plagiarism, and ethical use of information.

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