The Renaissance

By: Lourdes Ramirez

What was the change?

Before The renaissance people didn't really survive because there was so many diseases, poverty, not so much education, and there was lack of employment (The dark ages). The change of the Renaissance was that this movement developed a more open perspective in painting and artist developing sculptures and architecture. Humanism in which poverty, ethics, and authors came to be known and rise.
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The picture above above shows people of the renaissance together in Ancient Athens to the steps of Pretoria.

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Who Were the people associated with the change?

How Did The change impact Society at the time?

The Change of The Renaissance impacted the society at the time because people were not really used to seeing all the good and beautiful art that the artist of the time made. Also many people weren't literate so having plays and developing books that people could read by changing the language to different ones and not only one specific language helped a lot at the time (Importance of Education). In also having the thought that back then most people didn't have the money to go to a school and the education they needed to learn.
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Heres a picture of how only the wealthy could've only attended school and learn to read and write.

How is that change evidenced in todays modern society?

The change has evidenced in todays modern society because now we have so many famous paintings. Also the change brought new focus on artistic things. Also back then authors/writers just based their text language they wrote books with based of someones religion. They used the printing press back then which in now modern society can be viewed as a printer.
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