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Newsletter of the NLAPW, Tampa Branch

February 2018

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National League of American Pen Women, Tampa Branch Officers

President – Bonnie Phillips (813 685-5882)

VP/Programs - Barbara Routen

Recording Secretary - Judy Perez

Corresponding Secretary - Roxanne Tobaison

Treasurer – Gainor Roberts

Prospective Membership - Kat Heckenbach

Bonnie's Brush

Please carefully read the Winter Pen Women magazine and be sure to vote on Officers (page 11) and Proposed Bylaw Amendments (Pages 24 & 25). Meletha Everett gave some explanation at the January meeting as to the meaning of these changes. Hopefully, she will do so again at the February meeting as it is important we thoroughly understand the future implications if adopted. Ballots must be postmarked by March 15, 2018

Times have changed and it seems the economy affects organizations as well as individuals & families. The National League is no exception. The word from the National Board to the Members on page 1 of the winter Pen Woman is to increase membership in the next three years to 6,000. If every member recruits one new member for each of the next three years we will meet this goal. I'm in! Are you? Let's do it!

~Don't Worry. Be Happy!



Tampa Branch Monthly Meeting - 3rd Tuesday

Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 11am

200 Inverness Avenue

Temple Terrace, FL



Our scheduled speaker for February, to help us love ourselves, our work, and our world, is Jenipher Lyn, who said she is “an illustrator who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations.” She wrote & illustrated “an encouraging book for girls and women and strives to save the world, one doodle at a time.”

“Affirming people is very, very important to me,” said Jenipher. “My drawings are my small contribution to make the big world a better place; one smile at a time. I really do hope the messages I share inspire people to feel like they are NOT alone and help them through hard times, just like they have helped me.”

PLEASE remember to RSVP for monthly meetings. It's important that we get an accurate head count for lunch. Thank you.

Lunch Reservation due Thursday before (2/15)

Contact: Judy Perez 813-689-1121;

December's Holiday Party

Test Your Memory

Can anyone tell me what this is? Do you recall seeing it? If so, where? Share with us! I think it's very special and noteworthy and certainly someone has serious bragging rights. Wowza!!!


Membership Chairwoman Kat Heckenbach presented the NLAPW certificate of membership to newly accepted Letters Member Joan Brannick. We are so happy for you! Welcome to the Tampa Branch!

We Will Miss You

  • Bette Lafferty - Presented the poetry award from the Florida State Association of NLAPW biennial conference in December! Congratulations!

On February 2nd, Bette began an exciting new chapter in her life, moving to Texas to be near her family. Those of us who subscribe to her Monday Morning Offerings will keep abreast of our friend through her wonderful poems. Here is one that I just had to share!

The Dance Begins

Back stage

nerves run wild.

Lean bodies tremble,

stretch, and bend.

Call for "Places" rings out.

Cymbals crash, drums roll.

Heavy drapery gives way

to thunderous applause.

Excitement explodes

as bare feet and satin slippers

thrust the dancers forward.

All eyes lock

on two figures center stage.

Solemn faces and shapeless garments

direct focus onto the movement

of their pliant bodies.

Their skin glistens under the demand.

Spinning, twisting, reaching out,

the dance takes the dancers captive,

leaving audience enchanted, breathless

and exhilarated by their beauty.

- Bette J. Lafferty 1/17/2017

January's Program

Notes & Upcoming Events

  • Book Promotion: Saturday, Feb 10 - Judy Johnson, (Not our Judy – this is a Florida State Assn letters member), is renting the vintage Garden Theater in Winter Garden to present her newest book: Fascinating Women: Living by Faith. It contains stories of 32 women and how their faith has touched their lives. The gala will be 2:30 to 5pm at the Garden Theater, She promises fun and fellowship, prize drawings, music, and rubbing shoulders with the 30-some stars who will be wearing their finest. You’re invited to come dressed up too! Sandy Huff will be going over with her 7 passenger van, and you’re welcome to ride along. Call or text her at 727-420-6184, or email There was mention of finger food too.
  • The Free PNC Bank Concert Artist Series at Sykes Chapel at the University of Tampa takes place from Oct. 22, 2017-April 8, 2018. Concerts are at 2 p.m. Sundays. Visit for details.
  • March 8 At the STRAZ Center for the Performing Arts: A Wild Life with Bertie Gregory, photographer and filmmaker. Bertie Gregory’s evocative animal portraits from around the world serve as a sharp reminder that humans are, in the final analysis, also animals part of the natural world—that we co-exist as an extraordinary collection of breathtaking life on Earth. From the elusive coastal wolf of Vancouver to leopards in the streets of Mumbai to the charming giant otter of Manu, Gregory captures that distinct, unforgettable image that seems to contain the common themes among us all: vulnerability, resilience, relationships and the struggle to belong to an ever-changing planet.
  • March 2 - March 4 At the STRAZ, Opera Tampa - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. More information HERE

  • Feb 9 - March 4, 2018: Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls....It's Circus Sarasota celebrating 21 years of Big Top Performances and in 2018 it presents, "Ovation!" Previous headliners have included comic daredevil, Sarasota's own international star, Bello Nock and Sarasota's high wire artist, Nik Wallenda. The all new winter production features performances at various times and dates. Ticket prices range from $12 - $44. Performances take place under the Big Top which opens 1 hour before show time. Big Top Parking: $5 for local charities. 140 University Town Center Drive, Sarasota, FL. Click here for more info and tickets.

  • Feb. Birthdays: 2/11 - Judy Perez
  • Mar. Birthdays: 3/20 - Carlene Earl

Oldsmar Painting Pick up

A message from coordinator, Sandy Huff:

Who needs their art from the Oldsmar City Hall show brought back to the Feb 20 meeting?

Our original arrangement was that art should be picked up at the City Hall Feb 26 to 28. And you're still welcome to do that.

However, for those who would have trouble getting to Oldsmar, Samantha Demmi and I worked out that I can pick up art Friday, Feb 16. (Monday Feb 19 would have been better, but that's President's Day, and City Hall will be closed)

Let me know. Even if you told me already... tell me again please? I saved bunches of cardboard and several cloth bags and hope I can get the right art into the right containers.

Also, Samantha has arranged that we can have ANOTHER art show March-April 2019. Start painting now, gals!

By the way, the Safety Harbor Library is calling for donations for an "Art on Canvas" fundraiser. Here's the link:

A Message from our Treasurer

We have a few members who have not supplied me with information about themselves for our Member section of the website. You are not required to have a webpage, but it is nice to see what you do. Check the Member section here and see what is on your page. I am open to getting updates as well as new information. I have attached a PDF file as a sample format you can follow.

Thanks to all of you for your fellowship and happy meetings. I will also use this platform to beg for someone to take over the treasurer’s job. It is not hard, and I can supply Quicken for you to keep records, or you can easily just use Excel, or you can even handwrite everything. I WILL HELP YOU!

I’m about to embark on a very huge project in my studio, and many of you know that I am scheduled to show my Genesis Painting series at Dunedin Fine Arts Center in September. I hate to think about the massive reframing job ahead to bring all those old paintings up to snuff so the backing is not looking like a 10-year-old framed it. Yikes. I also have quite a few more paintings to complete to give them the 40 paintings they asked for. So... anyone? Treasurer? Please? -Gainor

Publisher Seeks Author Submissions!

Call for Submissions, Reprint Anthology

Pole to Pole Publishing is looking for dark fantasy and dark science fiction for their new "Re-Imagined" Series, starting with collections entitled Re-Launch and Re-Quest.

Beginning in January 2018 and continuing bi-monthly, these reprint stories will be published to the Pole to Pole Publishing Patreon Blog (for Patrons only) and will be collected with additional stories, and printed electronically and in print, in mid-to-late 2018.

Payment will be:

  • $10, paid on acceptance (actually, on signature of the contract, but very close to acceptance)
  • one copy of both the electronic and paperback versions of the antho

Full details are listed here on Submittable:
Re-Launch (dark sci-fi): LINK
Re-Quest: (dark fantasy): LINK

Music, music, music!

Routen House Concerts proudly presents

Muriel Anderson
February 15th at 7:30 p.m.
Desserts at 7

Our first 2018 house concert will feature Barb’s favorite guitarist: international recording artist, guitar virtuoso, and harp guitarist Muriel Anderson, the first woman to have won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.

She plays classical, flamenco, jazz, folk, bluegrass, international music, and fingerstyle covers of popular artists like the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

She has performed with symphony orchestras, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keaggy, Victor Wooten, and others.

She has a beautiful singing voice and is very entertaining!

The concert will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 15, desserts at 7 p.m. The suggested donation is $20 per person, with one-hundred percent going directly to Muriel. She also will have music for sale.

To see and hear a preview of Muriel, visit

Please respond as soon as possible with the number of people who will be attending. We believe this concert will be very well attended. Confirmations will be sent via email.

We hope to see you at the Muriel Anderson concert!

--Mark and Barb Routen


NLAPW Biennial in Des Moines Iowa

There is still time to enter the competitions for the NLAPW Biennial in Des Moines Iowa. Deadline for music members is Friday, Feb 16. Art Entries have been extended to Feb 14. Letters deadline is Jan 31.

Sandy Huff is planning on flying to Des Moines on April 16 through 23. Attend if you can -- the National conventions are great fun, and you meet really creative women (like yourself).

National NLAPW Gallery Submissions

You must be an active, associate or student member of NLAPW to submit work for the website.

Art: Please send your artwork for consideration for our on-line gallery to the National Art Chair, Rosie Eylens,

Letters: Please send book announcement requests to the National Letters Chair, Dr. Evelyn Bethune,

Music: Please send music member information, bios, links to music and photos for inclusion in our Music Member Profiles page in the music gallery to Dr. M.J. (Sunny), National Music Chair,


Please, please, please share with your friends ... Our newsletter needs stories! Thank you to everyone who submitted following January's meeting! Keep 'em coming.

Also ... I'm looking for a "back up" gal to take notes and piccies should I not attend a meeting.

Please keep me in the loop, email me your news and anything you would like to share by the 20th of the month so it can be included in the following month's newsletter.

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