Leopard vs Jaguars

Kayla Eisinger


Leopards and jaguars do have somethings that are in different. People have mixed up jaguars and leopards because of their spots. They do not have the same spots. Leopards only have a rosettes, which is the ring around the spots. Jaguars have a spot in the middle of their their rosette. Jaguars love water and to eat fish. Also jaguars are heavier and larger. However, leopards have longer and tails. Last leopards live in Africa and Asia where as jaguars live in Mexico and the United States and South America.


They`re similar because they are both going extinct. They are great tree climbers. Usually they only have 2 cubs. Lastly they live to about 15 years in the wild. So you can see they have a few differences and similariets.