Friday Wrap Up

Friday, 10/14/2016

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Q1 Crunchtime!

As we wrap up Week 7, please keep in mind that the end of the quarter is just around the corner! Please ensure that you are reaching out to your content students, monitoring your homeroom students' grades, creating catch-up and back-on-track plans, and generally supporting students in this crucial time. Reach out to your HLT if you need ideas on any of this!

LP1 Attendance Discrepancies

Thank you to those who have already cleared out all discrepancies from LP1! Please refer to the email you received yesterday if you had any "IA" discrepancies, and follow the directions to have them resolved by COB today. Let your HLT know if you have any questions!

D2L Troubleshooting

If you have a student who is experiencing issues with their classes loading or showing a white screen instead of courses, it may be due to an internet browser issue or a connection issue. Here are some steps to try to troubleshoot:

  • Clear Cache
  • Try a different browser (IE, Firefox, Goggle Chrome)
  • Check Internet Speed

HR Attendance Focus

Throughout the course of this week, please set aside time each day to ensure your HR students have logged in to school. As we all know, a high attendance rate is directly linked to student success. The more we can encourage our students to get into their courses, the better chance they have to pass their courses and earn credits towards graduation. Also, there have been updates made to the attendance training in SP, so please ensure that you have reviewed the documents by COB today.

Helpful tips:
  • Text students by noon who have yet to log into school that day
  • Use an auto-dialer to target students who need reminders
  • Text/call LCs to inform them of missing student logins for that day
  • Hold targeted BBC tutoring sessions for frequent attendance offenders

If you have suggested tips that seems to work best for you, please email and share your ideas with your HLT. We will compile your ideas and push them out to the team. We know you all work so hard to help your students succeed so why not share out your best tips and tricks?!

FAST Referrals Reminders

Our amazing FAST team has put together some helpful reminders when referring students who need extra support. Please read through these reminders thoroughly to ensure you are referring student correctly:

1) Missing Attendance and Unable to Contact issues will trump Low Progress when referring.

a. If a student has many consecutive days of MA (missing attendance) or UTC (unable to Contact) then there is no need to refer for Low Progress, as well. The student will need to become compliant in attendance or contact, before the referral for Low Progress can be made.

b. There may be some cases where a student has cleared up attendance or is working on attendance and then can be referred for Low Progress while still having an open Compliance referral

2) We are seeing many duplicate referrals. HRTs will need to keep track on their end of what students they have in the FAST process. The FAST Team will always send an email letting the HRT know if the student is no longer in the FAST process, so there is no need to refer again (unless the student has left FAST and then again meets the requirements to be re-referred).

3) As a reminder: Heather W. (team BP) and David H. (Team MV) are our Compliance Liaisons. They take care of Attendance and UTC referrals. Janis (team BP) and Heather P. (team MV) are out Family Support Liaisons. They takes care of Low Progress/Academic referrals.

a. If you are referring a student for Attendance and UTC; that can go on one referral or you can let the CLs know to add the UTC or attendance part to a student’s referral (rather than re-referring).

4) A Student becomes Non-compliant and you can refer when they’ve reached 10 missing attendance days or 5+ days of UTC attempts.

5) If a student is working in their courses and attending (even if they have some missing attendance), but they are struggling academically in any of their courses; then you can refer for Low Progress

6) All FAST team members have a cap of 35- 40 cases on their case load – they are already nearing that max cap. If your referral is waitlisted (Status: FAST Wait); please note we will add it according to availability and will let you know, via email, once a referral has been lifted from the waitlist and added to our caseloads. There is no need to re-refer.

7) Heather and David sweep the WAA (Truancy Report) weekly and will let HRTs know of student’s added to their caseloads, via email. There is no need to refer these students.

Individual DDI Reminders

October DDI conferences are upon us. Please ensure you have filled out your pre-DDI questions and come prepared to share your DATA during our conference. If you have any questions please reach out to your HLT.

Teacher Gem Observations

Teacher Gem observations will be taking place this month - Please refer to the Staff meeting PowerPoint for directions, partner information and Gem template (also attached here). Reach out to your HLT if you have any questions.
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ISMA Addendums

All teachers need to be checking the HAT daily for action items needing attention. Please pay special attention to columns Q-X. If you find "YES" marked in any of those columns, an addendum is needed to reflect some kind of change to the original ISMA. Make sure to review how to create an addendum in PW for a refresher before pushing addendums out. Remember to update the columns reflecting addendum completion so that admin knows the status.

Sharepoint > Pathways manual > ISMAs > Master Agreement & Addendums​​

Content Reminders

As we are nearing the last stretch of Q1, please remember to do the following regularly:

  • Update grades. Items should sit ungraded for no more than 2-3 days (sometimes 3-5, in cases of long TGAs). Be sure to update grades frequently, so that students (and support staff) have a clear picture of their grades at all times
  • Zero out grades. Zeroes should be entered for missing assignments at least once a week, and a comment should be added to indicate that the assignment is missing. It is extremely important that this is done regularly so there are no surprises for students.
  • Backup gradebooks. At least once a week, remember to download a copy of your gradebook and save it to your computer, just in case you ever need it.
  • Record live sessions and release recordings. Consider it good practice to record any session that a student might watch later for help, clarification, review, etc. All whole group and small group sessions should be recorded, as should any individual sessions that the student might benefit from seeing again later. It is extremely important that you release the recording in your CC Calendar as soon as possible, as many students make watching the day's recordings part of their schedule.
  • Collect and record Work Records. If you have not already, create a folder on your computer for each of your current classes, and begin saving samples there immediately. As you collect them, remember to update your Work Record Roster so that you'll be able to merge your Cover Sheets at the end of the quarter. Remember that this quarter everyone will need to print their Work Records and Cover Sheets, and that all Cover Sheets need to be signed by hand (no digital signatures).

Due Dates and Reminders

October 3rd-November 1st: Teacher Gem Observations

October 21st: LP2 Ends

October 31st: End of Q1

November 1st-2nd: Non Instructional Days

November 3rd: Start of Q2