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Wednesday, March 2



1 Start of Mad About Reading

2 Leader In Me PD

4th & 5th Grade ELPA21 9:30-11:30

3 K-3 Data Team meetings during Planning

1st Grade ELPA21 8:30-10:30

Ms. Schofield to Instructional Framework Training for Principals

4 2nd Grade ELPA21 8:30-10:30

7 3rd Grade ELPA21 8:30-10:30

4th, 5th grade teachers Mr Lovell gone to SRG training

8 K ELPA21 8:30-10:30

Ms. Grady to SRG training in the PM

9 Reading Knocks our Socks off- Wear Crazy Socks

Teacher Directed Early Out

11-18 Spring Break

23- Spring Pictures

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Instructional Framework Training This Summer

Instructional Framework: There will be Introduction to the Instructional Framework trainings on the following dates. Each session is two full days (16 sessions). District funds will be used to pay teachers who did not attend last summer. Registration details will be coming soon.

June 6 & 7

June 8 & 9

June 20 & 21

June 22 & 23

June 27 & 28

June 29 & 30

July 11 & 12

July 13 & 14

In addition, we now have a growing collection of videos on the @DMPS site of our demonstration teachers modeling various components of the framework. We are working to get more secondary examples! They can be found by clicking on the Professional Development link on the left side of the main page (videos will appear on the right and are searchable by element). You can also access the link below. Showing an element in action might be a good way to begin every meeting and rich discussions can be had about instruction. Please know these are not being shared as exemplars, necessarily. Rather, they are models to prompt discussion. Thank you to our Demonstration Teachers for their contributions!


Please check the schedule in Hawk Group for the ELL testing. There are some changes in Art, Music and PE. Please plan your day around this testing.

Student Teacher Placement Process

Human Resources:

Student Teacher Placement Process for 2016-17

It is that time of year again to start preparing for the next round of student teacher selection. We have been modifying this process to try to make it easier for administrators to make selections as well as HR to track all teachers that are interested and selected in mentoring a student teacher.

Below is the process and timelines that we are expecting to set and meet:

  • Teachers will receive an email notifying them that the student teacher selection process will be completed through AppliTrack on February 29, 2016. HR will include directions to assist them with filling out the application.

  • On March 7, 2016, the posting will become active in AppliTrack and displayed on the DMPS website for each teacher that is interested in mentoring a student teacher to apply for the selection process.

  • The posting will remain open from March 7, 2016 - March 18, 2016.

  • On March 21, 2016, each principal will receive a selection list by email from Marla Dillon containing the names of each teacher that applied to mentor a student teacher. Marla will include directions for the administrators on how to complete the form that she sends to them.

  • By March 25, 2016, each principal will need to email Marla Dillon the list that she sent on March 21, 2016 designating if a teacher has been approved or selected to mentor a student teacher. Please be sure to communicate with any other critical partners (Special Education Administrators, ELL, Music, for example) before making a final decision for those groups.

  • Marla Dillon will email each teacher by March 31st to inform them that they have been selected to potentially mentor a student teacher. Some placements requests from the college/university come to us after the original communications, but no additional placements will be made in your location without your prior approval of late matches.

  • After teachers are notified, Marla Dillon will continue to work with colleges, principals, and mentor teachers to identify placement of student teachers.

If you have any questions, please contact

1st Annual Summit on School Climate and Culture

SAVE THE DATE: August 8th and 9th

DSMP 1st Annual Summit on School Climate and Culture: The Des Moines Public Schools is determined to improve School Climate and Culture through professional development and skill building of School Staff. Current research and experts within the field of School Improvement agree that a positive School Climate and Culture is key to any sustained improvements. The conditions in which students learn, are essential and directly tied to student outcomes. This conference will be open to the public and free to DMPS employees, up to 1,000 participants.

The Summit on School Climate and Culture will focus on five major Strands:

1. Multi-Tiered System of Supports

2. Culturally Proficient

3. Social and Emotional Health

4. At-Risk Services and Drop-out Prevention

5. Stakeholder Engagement

6. Best Practices in Improving Student Behavior

Presenters Schedule so far: Erin Gruwell, Judy Elliott, Tim Lewis, Brian Mendler, Randall Lindsey

Proposed Schedule: August 8th

7-8:30 am – Check-in

Welcome – 8:30-8:45

8:45 – 10:15 – Key Note #1

10:30 – 11:30 – Breakout Session 1 (15 breakouts)

11:30 – 1:00pm – Lunch

1:00 – 2:00pm – Breakout Session 2 (15 breakouts)

2:15 – 3:45pm – Keynote #2

4:00 – 5:00 pm – Social Hour/ Round Table

August 9th

Welcome – 8:30-8:45

8:45 – 10:15 – Key Note #3

10:30 – 11:30 – Breakout Session 1 (15 breakouts)

11:30 – 1:00pm – Lunch

1:00 – 2:00pm – Breakout Session 2 (15 breakout)

2:15 – 3:15pm – Expert Panel

Thank you,

Jake Troja, Director of School Climate Transformation

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7 Habits Song

7 Habits (to the tune of "Dynamite")