Physical therapist

By: Daniela Lujan


When I was younger I always in joyed helping people. I like begging about solve problem that they their having and try to help them over come their problem. I know that physical therapist help people with disabilities and try to treat the patient. They also like working with many different types of people like children, adults, newborns and the old. Begging a physical therapist would be a great career for me because I in joy helping others and beginning able to treat there problem and making them feel good.

Career Research

Daily tasks and responsibilities

* Set a plan for the patient

* see their improvement on how there doing

* What exercises they need to do to improve

* See the difference if they improved or decrease the improvement

Work Environment

You can find a physical therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private offices and even schools. Working conditions are if you would be upset or stress if the patient can't get well and you will be sad or even angry with yourself by not helping them. They might turn out to get worse than before and that would be your fail and they may not be happy with you.

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Education and Training

To become a physical therapist you will need a doctoral or degree, you will need 7 years of college, 4 years of undergraduate school, 3 years of graduate school to get your doctorate degree in Physical therapy . You will also be learning a lot about the body and how the body works, also about health, the bones of the human body.

Preferred Job Skills

*Being Patient - With the person your working with cause they will need to take their time on the new exercise or it may be to hard for them so they will try their best and go on a slow past.

*Being nice - To them showing support and showing them that their able to make it and over come what's in there way and that they are able to achieve it.

*Positive attitude - Showing that your here for them and that you will not let then down and that they will be able to do it, showing that they can reach their goal they were reaching for.

Job Outlook

An increase of 36% between 2012 and 2022 much faster than average growth.


$78,860 dollars a year $38.39 and hour


  • Medical Careers

  • Physical Science

Physical Therapist - A Day in the Life

Extra curricular activities

Work and/or Volunteer Experience

Being able to help out in a hospital and tell people in need and help them with basic things, then i could get better at it. Also I can try to work with a family member who is also a nurse and might help me leader of to work with people and what she does as a nurse.

* UCSB Pre-Health Advising

* Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Office


  1. Amy Gorzynski - Business Education Teacher at East Leyden High School
  2. Dr. Nick Polyak - Superintendent at East Leyden High School
  3. Jennifer Casey - Health Teacher at East Leyden High School
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68F Physical Therapy Specialist