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General information

Williams syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by the deletion of the genetic material in chromosome 7 ("Williams syndrome information"). Williams Syndrome affects 1 out of every 10,000 people. This totals to almost 30,000 people in the United states diagnosed with Williams syndrome ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Its considered an autosomal dominant condition ("Williams syndrome information"). Williams syndrome has no preference of gender, race, or culture and occurs at birth ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Williams syndrome occurs sporadically and has no familial background ("Williams Syndrome").


Many people affected with Williams syndrome have symptoms and problems. Some include a different facial experience compared to a person without Williams syndrome ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Many have small and widespread teeth common in children affected by this disorder ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Many also have heart problems involving major vessels like the aorta ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Children can also have increased levels of calcium in their bloodstreams ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Birth weight of babies born with Williams disorder is also usually lower than normal ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Gag reflexes associated with this disorder in children usually cause feeding problems as well ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Another deformity or dysfunction is the kidney which usually functions abnormally in people with Williams syndrome ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Loose muscle joints or laxity requires therapy with age ("What is Williams syndrome?"). Hearing is also usually affected with children with Williams syndrome ("What is Williams syndrome?").
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Williams syndrome creates a natural liking for music, very social, interactive, and friendly skills, and good verbal skills ("What is Williams syndrome?"). With these characteristics, jobs like store greeters, veterinary aides, working with seniors in assisted home living, hospitals, libraries, and volunteering are available for them ("What is Williams syndrome?").


There is no cure for Williams syndrome which means there is no treatment available. However, therapy is the next best option. Instead of focusing on the disorder, we try to solve and fix symptoms and problems caused by Williams syndrome (Kim, Steven). Therapy and medical care can be very costly. This is why Emory Hospital will help you look at your best options and be with you at your side through the hard times ("What is Williams syndrome?").

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