By: Macy Svoboda


  • Three types of treatment

- Medical

- Nutritional

- Therapy

  • Things to remember during treatment

- Get back to a healthy weight

- Start to eat more food, as you progress into treatment

- Change how you think and feel about yourself and food

  • Have a team you trust to help support you
  • Have regular sessions

Age Groups

  • 95% of people that have anorexia is 12-25 years old

  • Third most common illness for teens and young adults

  • 12x higher than any other condition for causes of death for people age 14-24

  • Both males and females have anorexia around this age

-Males make up 10-15 percent of those with anorexia around this age


  • Over half of the cases are genetic

  • People are still researching which gene could cause anorexia

  • Over 100 genes that could possibly contribute to the condition

  • If they find out which gene it is, it could lead to a quicker recovery for some

  • People have researched on 300 people with previous anorexia