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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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DyKnow Info

As you continue to use DyKnow for monitoring or applying a blocking plan, here are a few reminders:

1. Don't forget to deselect absent students when sending a report. When you send a report for not being able to monitor students I am the one who receives and reviews the reports. When I investigate I need to know exactly who you are not able to monitor.

2. Apply both an application and a URL block for the same thing. Ex. Block Spotify application and Spotify URL to effectively block Spotify.

3. The new feature of the analytics is helpful to know what your students are doing when they are not on task. Take a look if you haven't discovered what it can do.

Parent Access to Canvas

A message will be sent out this week to all parents (gr. 5-12) regarding 'observer' access to Canvas. Parents will be able to view any content that you have published and can set up their own notification preferences for when you post an assignment, announcement, calendar event, etc. They can inbox you, the teacher, in Canvas but will not be able to interact with their child. There is a link on our web pages for parents to set up and access Canvas.
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Learn a new Canvas feature each week! This week: Collaborations

*Let me know if you need some one-on-one tutoring in Canvas!

Resource: Flippity

Transform your Google Spreadsheets in Flippity!

Resource: Sway

Create and share interactive presentations or stories using Sway!

Here is a video showing what Sway can do for your students' projects and presentations.