Region 6 Leadership Update

April 22, 2020


21,069 cases statewide with over 216,783 tested

200 counties are impacted

543 facilities and 7,341 recovered

Guidance on Grading April 21, 2020-

  • Teachers may give an incomplete for the grading period however districts are encouraged to establish timelines for students to make up incomplete work to determine course credit or promotion/retention
  • A final grade of incomplete should not be noted on the student transcript. Districts are encouraged to have student make up incomplete assignments so final grades can be determined for credit.

Guidance for 2020 Seniors April 21, 2020

Please complete the following survey to provide TEA with information to better support districts and schools during summer programming:

Summative End-of-Year Performance Levels

It is important, however, for districts and campuses to proactively prepare for a strong start to the 2020-21 school year. The following materials from Lead4ward outline a suggested activity: having teachers determine the 2019-20 Summative End-of-Year Performance Levels of each student (in at least Reading and Math in K-8). Click on links below for resources

Mathematics – 2019‐2020 End‐of‐Year Performance Level Evaluation

Reading – 2019‐2020 End‐of‐Year Performance Level Evaluation

These are just suggestions or ideas.. You can create your own district rubrics to gather information on students for next years teachers.

OPTIONAL End-of-Year Assessments for Spring 2020

TEA will host a webinar related to Optional End of Year Assessments on Tuesday, April 28 at 9:00am. Click the link to join the webinar:

Here is a brief summary based on TEA’s FAQ document (link for entire document below):

  • The optional EOY assessments will cover the same grades/subjects and courses that are tested for STAAR

  • The optional EOY assessments will be available online and in a printable PDF format
  • The optional EOY assessments are built from previously released STAAR test questions due to current item bank availability.

  • The optional EOY assessments are designed to mirror the blueprints for the STAAR tests. Each EOY assessment will have the same number and proportion of test questions as its related STAAR test (except the EOY assessments will not include writing prompts).

Reflection Questions:

  • Will the results be valid data based on the lack of security of the tests?
  • How will students complete assessment at home, without the support of teacher?

  • How will the assessments be delivered to students?

  • How will the district technology department support parents install software to complete assessments?

TEA Link: Optional: EOY Assessments

Teaching and Learning Department

TEKS Resource System and the 20 regional service centers from across the state have collaborated to create an aligned resource tool for the last nine weeks of school. These materials are for all content areas and grade levels that TEKS Resource System supports. Your Region 6 ESC Teaching and Learning team strongly encourages you to view these materials and allow them to support your remote teaching for the remainder of the school year. To view the documents please log in to your TEKS Resource System account and click on READ MORE in the blue box labeled COVID-19 Responses and Resources.

All updates and important information are posted on our Instructional COVID-19 webpage. Included on the site, are links to helpful resources, specialist contact information, and the announcement of our upcoming regional collaborative webinars.

Leadership Collaborative Zoom Meeting

Thursday, April 30th, 1pm

This is an online event.