June Team Newsletter!

May's Accomplishments, Incentive Trip, & more!

Celebrating May!

We had some amazing volume and momentum in May! As a team we sold just over $725,000 and welcomed 69 new consultants! To those of you who just joined us - WELCOME! We're so glad you're here!

There were a number of promotions to be celebrated, too! Congrats to the following first-time promotions:

Senior Director
Kerri Weinstock


Chloe Douglas-Crampton (our first Canadian Director!)
Jessica Berandmeyer

Senior Manager
Andrea Haenke
Kristi See
Jennifer Caverly
Raelyn Lorenz
Ann Wimmer

Elanor Kralj
Shannon Alberts
Maggie Leahy
Alyssa Paulsen
Jennifer Smith
Sarah Thurston
Alice Barry
Ashley Urbaniak
Becky Shawgo
Holly Brandon
Merissa Paul
Andi Simonpietri
Sarah Leibenath
Casey Sage
Jessica Minovitch
Virginia Bell
Shona Noyola
Angela Lee
Jessica Gerard

Senior Consultant

Jackie Kappelhoff
Stephanie McNamer
Bert Thompson
Kelly Kent
Jennifer Kilzer
Kelli Smith
Jennifer Kenney
Chelsea Bailey
Alana Suomela
Jayme Hundley
Janelle Hannemann
Jilinda Dygert
Dawn Heimendinger
Katie Bradley
Joni Bassett
Jennette Achman
Emily Valasco
Leslie Sauder
Carol Ott
Anthea Martin
Chelsea Honnette
Natalie Monson
Debbie Trainor
Kelly Shaughnessy-Weiss
Shannnon Henry
Nicole Poppen
Melia Madson
Jenna Grabowska
Kara Lorenz
Angela Vos
Briana Walters
Heather Cracauer
Jackie Froemke
Elizabeth Ervin
Jeanne Bedell
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Team Announcements

A few items of note for June:

1. Announcement of the Incentive Trip to Bacara (see more details below!)

2. New Starter Kits are now shipping for all new consultants as of June 1st. These Sets include all of the new packaging - so exciting! Watch for news on the opportunity for existing consultants to refresh their display via the purchase of a new Starter Set - hopefully sometime in August. A great opportunity to refresh and stay on-brand (and a great opportunity for you to use up your existing products in your Face Kits!).

3. New Products coming in June (along with the opening of our Swag Shop!):
- Charcoal Mask (eta June 8th)
- Limited Edition Lip Sheer in "Terra" and Lip Gloss in "Dahlia" (eta June 20th)
- Large size Sun Stick! (no eta as of yet)

"Escape to Bacara" Trip Incentive

NOW is your chance to earn an all-expense paid trip to Bacara in gorgeous Santa Barbara, CA! Beautycounter spares no expense and this is one incentive you want to pull out all the stops to earn! Mark your calendars for October 13-16, 2016. The incentive earning period is from June 1st - July 31st.

How can you earn this once-in-a-lifetime trip?
- Make a plan! Work with your mentor to set your course and use the tracking tools to make sure you're staying on track!
- Go Behind the Counter and download the Bacara Pathways to Success and Points Tracker
- Fill that calendar up! One-on-ones, Socials, Product Dropoffs, Opportunity Events - all great ways to introduce Beautycounter to new clients and move your business forward.

Business Tip - Ask for the Reorder!

What can you do today to help your business?

As a company, our reorder rates are not as high as they should be. It's much easier to revisit existing clients for reorders than start fresh with a brand new client. And remember, we have a consumable product - if our clients are happy, they'll want & need more!

An important part of our job as a consultant is to continually reach out and ask our clients how they're doing - are they liking the products? Is there anything else they're interested in? What about seasonal items like Sunscreen or teacher gifts?

What to do?
  • Go BTC under your "Orders" tab and then "Browse orders"
  • Go back to March and April orders and check in with every customer who placed an order and see if they are ready to reorder their favorites (go further back if you haven't yet checked in with January & February orders!)
  • In that same reach out, share what would also go well with what they are already using but have not ordered yet - one of our brushes with the Eye Shadow they already purchased, the Allover Eye Brush for perfect application of our Touchup Concealer, or possibly the Gentle Exfoliator if they only have the Routine Clean.
  • Always recommend our sun care items for your clients as we enter into the summer season - ESPECIALLY the Sun Stick for those with kiddos!
  • Make a goal to reach out to ten clients TODAY!
  • Are you a new consultant? Reach out to 10 NEW friends/family/acquaintances or neighbors to tell them about Beautycounter and offer samples or a one-on-one appointment!

Monthly Meeting reminder!

Be sure to RSVP for our monthly meeting - this coming Monday, June 6th! This is a key meeting, with tips on how to earn the incentive trip and a very special guest you won't want to miss!

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Update from Gregg Renfrew, Founder & CEO.

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